[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


“And… does anyone fancy an accommodation-cost only northern Bootcamp for the week following? Catrin and I are willing to find and arrange accommodation, and spend the week with you as a birthday treat to ourselves, and if everyone accepts that it’s going to be wildly unorganised, I see no reason (as a one-off) why we shouldn’t find a place for everyone who wants to come, instead of restricting it to 10 - but we will need EARLY confirmation to be able to find accommodation for you.”

I think @aran ran and @catrinlliarjones will arrange the accommodation.


Ah thank you for that. I won’t book any further nights. I’d missed that post. Diolch


There was also some conversation about them booking the bootcamp accommodation during the event weekend. Not sure if that went anywhere. I’m assuming we can’t actually bootcamp that weekend because it’s an English friendly event.


Oh and hey, I’m still vegan, @catrinlliarjones & @aran


In order to get tickets for the two of us, do I need to use the bookwhen page twice? I see no option for more than one place booking at a time.


After you follow link you then click SELECT, you will then see the ticket option amount. It’s defaulted to one but easy to change to however many you require.


Thanks, my panic was premature :slight_smile:


Booked. Both of us. :smile:

But my address will change before the party … dunno if that is an issue at all. I didn’t want to use my new address YET as I don’t want to bother the current owners with my mail and I don’t want to count my chickens until we have exchanged contracts on our new home in Arfon … very soon now :smile:


Ha nothing is easy. I would book using the address you are in now. Lots of time before the party to change the date plus it’s only a deposit and the rest is paid a few months before the party starts.
Also not sure if it’s worth printing tickets, the last party there was a giant guest list on the door and it worked just fine.


Booked my ticket and accommodation too.


We won’t be sending out tickets. But on the first night, the gig night, we will be registering guests as they arrive and handing out wristbands for that night, and on the second night we’ll be handing out name badges.


One deposit paid. I had originally requested two tickets but only need the one now.
Looking forward. Booked my accommodation for the Thursday through until Monday.
Aiming to relax and enjoy.


Children-sitting sorted - we’re coming! :grinning:


Pob lwc gyda contract exchange and moving!


ooh! Souvenir double whammy: wristbands AND name badges! When we stray from the venue, dazed, the locals will know which authorities to notify! All through the world people will carry their SSiW memorabilia and 50 years hence, on tv antiques-trading shows, people will gasp - you mean YOU (or your mam/tad/ great great grandmother) were at THE Parti Fawr in Caernarfon in 2018? Wow! And that will be a top edition of Dror Warz! when a contestant buys a dresser which after the auction is revealed as from the home of an SSiWer!




I’m SO excited to see so many of my favourite SSiWers booked already - apart from all the organisation, I’d quite like to fast-forward to the party weekend RIGHT NOW… :slight_smile:

For the ‘sort of Bootcamp’ the week after - I think we’ll kick off a separate thread in the fairly near future, and see how many hands up we get, and then we’ll figure out accommodation… :slight_smile:


Good heavens, up to 30% booked already - seriously exciting…:slight_smile:

Can I check - do we have ANYONE who has booked accommodation who has NOT YET booked a ticket? Or can we start to go wider now with letting people know about it? :slight_smile:


And I am (near as damn it anyway).

Two deposits paid and two people looking forward to two nights away without two kids in tow. :grin:.


I haven’t yet (on holiday in France right now) but planning on booking this afternoon, when I get a chance to fire the netbook up instead of the phone.

ETA: Done now & edrych ymlaen yn barod :slight_smile: