[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


yes, me. I’ve paid for my accommodation already but my newly replaced credit card isn’t working and I’d prefer not to use my debit card on line.


Just paid for my hotel and deposit for the party. :relieved:


Just paid the deposit for 2 of us. I am definitely interested in the bwtcamp. Please save me 1 space.


Hi Margaret,
Thats where I’m stopping too


If you could drop us a line to admin@saysomethingin.com, Ifan and/or Iestyn will be able to get this sorted out after the Eisteddfod - we’ll make sure there’s definitely a place for you… :slight_smile:


Hi Aran
I have paid the deposit for two tickets and booked accomodation at bron menai for the weekend.


Hi, I’ve booked accomodation for the weekend and paid my deposit for 1 ticket. I’m interested in the ‘Bwtcamp’ too.


I am also at bron menai, sharon, and I guess others will come…


2 tickets booked this morning and 2 x deposits paid. Ben is dusting down his dinner jacket to keep you company in black tie on the Sat :wink:

Really looking forward to it - it sounds a cracking weekend and thanks so much to you all for the hard work involved.


Yay I’ve booked that weekend off work :grinning: Now just the task of sorting out child care for the weekend . Really looking forward to it .


I think we may need some special activities only for dinner jacket wearers - something like a short flight, maybe… :wink:


something like a short flight, maybe

Can’t quite picture this. Did you have in mind the sartorially gifted flying round the Galeri with our dickie bows twirling like propellors? :confused:


I have a wonderful mental picture !! Happy landings!!


Something like that, perhaps with added aeroplane… :wink:


Hi Lorna
Sorry for the late reply-- I’ve only got intermittent internet at the moment. Really looking forward to meeting you and the chance to enjoy the party celebrations.:champagne::birthday:


I wonder whether Bron Menai Guest House, or indeed Caernarfon as a whole, has any idea of what May 2019 will bring… :sunny:


I’ve booked and paid now. Thanks anyway.


I’m off to buy a dinner jacket!


As I said somewhere else in this thread, Dinner Suits and Dickie bows look good on anyone irrespective of gender or preference. They look especially good on “high-flyers”. :wink:


Will a certain prominent SSiW member be the pilot?