[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party


I’m so tempted to dig out my bow tie & tails (yes - that’s what happens to your wardrobe when you tap dance) to wear with my bestest frock now :joy:


I’m so tempted to dig out my bow tie & tails

Please do NOT resist this temptation. :laughing:


I suspect not the one you’re thinking of…:wink:


Careful - I might wear the top hat too! :joy:


Careful - I might wear the top hat too! :joy:

In that case, should I wear a feathery Ginger Rogers gown? :dress:
(Apologies for drifting just a teeny bit off topic and implanting images that some of you may not wish to share :blush:)




Hi Aran,

It’s 7258 km as the crow flies from Vancouver, but no worries, we’ll be there—wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Deposit paid and accommodation booked… drumroll please… yes, in Welsh… at least I think that is what I did over the phone today. Heck, maybe I signed up for Outward Bound, to shin up cliffs and swing from trees. Better check the confirmation, dictionary in hand.

Exactly 50 years ago my boyfriend and I went climbing and camping in Snowdonia—couldn’t do it now, but this weekend marks our 45th anniversary! Instead of a sapphire it’s going to be two airline tickets to the UK so we can join you and return to N. Wales for the first time since scaling the Idwal Slabs together. Romantic eh?

Now did someone mention shoe-horning into their best party frock? Something else I haven’t done for a while, but there’s time to get in shape :woman_climbing:t4:

Excited already at the thought of meeting you all,


Wow! Happy anniversary!


So looking forward to this!

Following a couple of chats at the Eisteddfod in which I was trying to nudge people I’d hope would be there to get on and book, could the top post from Catrin in this thread be edited to contain the booking link at the start of that post? We had trouble finding it…

Not sure if that’s a @catrinlliarjones task, or an admin job, but thanks in advance to someone or other! :slight_smile:


Now that’s a genuinely wonderful piece of news! I always feel that it’s slightly unkind to twist overseas arms too fiercely, but it will be SO lovely to be able to meet face to face… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


Oh, that’s rather a good idea… :flushed:


Hmm, is that a hint about one of the “turns” on the night?
“A triumphant return to one of her most successful exploits was made last night in Y Galeri by the wonderfully-talented Tap Dancer Siaron James.”…
is how the article would start…


Don’t worry Aran, someone’s already added the link!!


OMB I hope (for all your sakes) not!! :joy:


Diolch yn fawr!

Hard to think that 45 years ago tomorrow we had one of the funniest, fastest weddings possible–2 minutes, including signing the register and being unable to pry the ring off after buying it a couple of days beforehand, so we just bypassed that.

It all began two-weeks beforehand, in a pub, at a stag-do (not gender-specific back then), for friends getting married…

That was the summer when everyone we knew was getting married–except us. We were living together, and engaged (that bit was romantic, I think, since Andrew threw a ring out of a departing train, as I stood on the platform at Cardiff General waving him off back to work at Pembroke Power Station).

Anyhow back to the pub–and let this be a lesson to anyone who over-indulges in more than ‘a pint or two’ (yes, I can translate that into Welsh, thanks to SSiW)… some bright spark asked when we were going to ‘tie the knot’ having been together over 5 years already. This is where the demon drink got the better of my beloved who can quote ‘pi’ to 37 decimal places, but fibbed and said he had no memory for numbers. His brilliant stalling tactic (so he thought) was to say that since he could not remember dates, but my birthday was June 11th, we had got engaged on July 11th, then the next time August 11th fell on a Saturday we would be married. Fishing out her diary, a girlfriend said ‘Ooooh, that’s in two week’s time’… The rest is history, including being stopped by a traffic census when Andrew drove us away (in a rented sky-blue Mini to match my flowers and frock which I’d hurriedly sewn) from the registry office. The zealous young copper insisted on working his way down through the questions on his clipboard asking: “Was your trip for business or pleasure?” and “Do you do this often?”

Well, those 2 minutes marked the start of 45 more years together so far–so plenty to celebrate eh?

Mari (what my friends ‘back home’ always called me–so I guess you can too now)


Indeed they have! [Yes, I was that someone…;-)]

Mari - am stori da - un i’w rhannu yn y parti hefyd, ddudwn i… :slight_smile:


My kids bought me a flying lesson for my 65th and I flew a plane from Caernarfon airport up the Menai Straits and around Puffin Island. So if you hire the plane, I’m happy to be your pilot (for a change!)


Sorry, been ‘out’ for a few days. I’m sure planes can be involved for the dinner jacketed - His Nibs did offer, after all! :wink:


Folks - starting to get a bit squeaky on how many places left - if there’s anyone who’s booked accommodation and not grabbed a ticket yet, please do asap… :slight_smile:

Over the next month or so, we’re going to be flagging this up a bit more widely, so I think it’s pretty certainly going to be a sell out from what we’ve seen so far…


Not sure what availability is at the moment in the Premier Inn but, in case anyone’s found it difficult to get a room there, just wanted to say that one’s just become available as I’ve cancelled my booking in favour of (the cheaper :slight_smile:!) Travelodge.