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Some more info on participants *Welsh Weekend with Cymdeithas yr Iaith in Caernarfon*


Just seen this post today Richard. Where are you travelling from as I’m going to be driving from Hampshire on that day.


I’ll be travelling from Oxford, but as I said, I’ve already got the train ticket - I hadn’t thought people were going to be so forthcoming or sociable about travelling! :slight_smile:


Well I’ll be travelling up the a34 and m40 so can make a stop off at Oxford. I don’t want to impose on you but the offer is there.


Booked! Activities only, don’t need Accommodation as I live about 4 miles from Caernarfon. Fingers crossed nothing turns up that clashes with that weekend …


Haia. Can I check, is this event in 2019 or 2020?


24-26 January 2020


Mae gen i babi newydd. Dwi ddim yn meddwl that I can attend anything all day. Ond dwi’n bye yn Caernarfon a dwi’n dysgu Cymraeg. Do you think that I could attend some of the events?


Wrth gwrs! The timetable will be up shortly I hope @charlotte-3.
Mae’ n bwysig cael pobl lleol i sgwrsio :slight_smile:


WhatsApp group sounds fine although I have no experience of using it. I don’t understand the meaning of ‘DM’ regarding my phone number. I hope to arrive at Bangor station at 13:30 and intend take a taxi to Caernarfon to have an afternoon in the town before the course. I’d be happy to share the taxi if anyone else is arriving around that time.


I should think there are enough buses travelling to Bangor from Caernarfon @elizabethliney. I’ll post a timetable :smile:


If there is someone looking for a place to stay during the Welsh weekend in Caernarfon , Totters is run by Aled ( #4) ‘s friend in Caernarfon and is at the end of the road from where everybody else is staying :slight_smile:


Shwmae pawb! Wi’n edrych ymlaen ar y penwythnos yng Nghaernarfon. Ddaeth yr amserlen mas 'to?


Gobeithio yn y dyddiau nesa’. Byddwch yn derbyn e-bost siwr o fod
You should receive the timetable in the next few days hopefully


Gwych! Diolch Nia!
Great! Thanks Nia!

Mae’n flin 'da fi i bawb am anghofio’r Saesneg y tro diwetha!
Sorry all for forgetting the English last time!


Two of us from CACEN, the SSIW Sussex based group, are coming - Sally and me. Looking forward to meeting you all in Caernarfon!


Da iawn @rhiannon_in_sussex Ble chi’n aros? Edrych mlaen :smile::star:


Shwmae, Nia! Dw i’n aros yn y Travelodge. See you all soon!


Hope you’ve all received the e-mail from Gwion.
If you have any questions about the weekend please let me or Gwion know
Edrych mlaen i weld chi gyd yno
Looking forward to seeing you all there

I will post some information about the people we’ve invited for the weekend soon :smile:


Thanks @nia.llywelyn! Gwion’s email had gone into my Spam/Junk mail, so people may need to check in there if they don’t think they’ve got it. :slight_smile: Cyffrous iawn iawn!!! :heart_eyes:


some info:
All three participants have been or are involved with the music scene in Wales
Rhys Mwyn was the lead singer with Anrhefn (chaos) a punk band in the 80s, he’s also the presenter of a 3 hour long programme on Radio Cymru on Monday evenings.
He’s also a well known archeologist and has written many books on the welsh landscape.
He has also written an autobiography called ‘Cam o’r tywyllwch’

Aled Roberts is our most enthusiastic Post card Club sender. He has also been involved with Dau Cefn ( an electro 2 man band) and is currently working on another music project.

Barry Jones is the founder member of the popular band ‘Celt’, they still play but he is no longer a member ( in public)
He has written many great songs and he won Can i Gymru with ‘Un Funud Fach’ sang by Bryn Fon.
He also writes for the comedy series ‘Dim Byd’ and he’s the brains behind ‘R’un Spit’ ( A comedy programme following the steps of a Welsh look alike company based in North Wales )

We’re very lucky to have all three supporting the weekend in Caernarfon :star: