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Spanish Music Videos


We used to have a thread here for Spanish Music but it hasn’t been active for a while, so I’ve started a new one.

Please feel free to post any Spanish music videos that you enjoy. If they show the lyrics, that’s great as it helps everyone to learn, but if not - that’s fine. Just enjoy!

I love this one as it has so many happy people in it :slightly_smiling_face:


This is a link to the old thread that has some great music videos in it:

Spanish music - Spanish - SSi Forum (


And here’s another happy song for today - this one is Felicidad by Izaro whom I’ve seen performing live here in Vitoria-Gasteiz.


I found this one is very fun. Extremely catchy though so beware. It was filmed during last year’s lockdown period or “cuarentena” in Spain.


One of the best Spanish groups (for me, at least) is Amaral. Here’s just one of their videos, but there are plenty more on YouTube.



Why not leave the Peninsula and travel to the Canary Isles, where the traditional music is very lovely. I discovered Los Gofiones some twenty years ago and still enjoy listening to them. Just a few years ago they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary with a special concert. You can watch the whole concert at

and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

They accompany themselves on stringed instruments, one of which is the timple, a traditional instrument of the Canaries, resembling an ukulele, but with five strings and a very rounded back.

Incidentally, the concert was held in el Teatro Pérez Galdós on Gran Canaria, where Los Gofiones held their very first concert in 1959.


Just a hint for those posting videos, it seems if you post the whole YouTube link , it doesn’t post a preview of the video, but if you make sure it just has and then the code, it shows it correctly.

I’ve fixed those above after a friend explained that to me :grinning:


Ah, that explains it! Thank you!


Here’s another energetic and colourful video from Enrique Iglesias


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It might be the slower nature of his songs but I find he sings very clearly.


This is a great one if you have young kids like me. Very simple chorus that my two love bouncing around and singing along with


In this one Marc Anthony speaks for a little at the beginning in fairly slow Spanish. The lyrics for the song are below in the comments, and they’re not complicated :slight_smile: