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Speaking well, understanding not so much


Just a little question but I find myself being able to speak Welsh rather well now but I still find my self struggling to understand the language sometime when other speak it, just wondering on any little tips and pointers, would be much appreciated, diolch yn fawr iawn.


There is something going on in my head too in relation to this. I am exactly the same but may be worse. I have occasionally written something quickly in Welsh (and correctly) and then, when reading it later, taken some time to understand what I have written - just as if someone else had written it. I can understand almost fully the sub-titles on Pobol y Cwm but am still struggling with understanding what people are saying even if I hear the words properly and don’t have a problem with the accents. So, I would love to know if there are any tips to help me as this has driven me crazy for some time now.


If it helps, one small tip that I’ve found useful is to focus intently on people’s lips as they speak (although this strategy falls down for one area of SW Wales where to me it seems people have mastered the art of speaking hardly moving their lips at all :disappointed: )


:smiley: Its got a bit easier since smoking became less popular. :rofl: But then that’s not specific to the Welsh language.

Yes I think that it comes with tuning into an accent.


Watch TV without subtitles, listen to Welsh radio everyday especially dramas in your dialect and find where there are just people talking. Don’t expect to understand, just enjoy the odd word to start with then sentence and then bits of conversation. It doesn’t come quickly so concentrate on the successes. The BBC app lets me listen to anything on during the day to,drift off to sleep to.

Also I’ve stopped listening to English language music and replaced with Welsh.

Also I find using the box sets of Welsh drama helpful because I start with Welsh and no subtitles without reaching the end. Then use Welsh subtitles to try and just understand where I lose the plot and only then a short English subtitle session if I’m still stuck. I find by not seeing the end, I’m still motivated when I go back to watching without subtitles so I’m listening.

Basically anything you enjoy so you’ll keep practicing. Hope some of these give you ideas for your own practice.


Speaking out the sides of their mouths, eh? Pob lwc…


Are you doing the listening exercises on a daily basis? :slight_smile: