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Speaking Welsh in Llandudno


Hi there, just wondering where the scrabble night is and what time please? I’d be keen!



Let’s plan to meet in summer, my mum lives there these days and when I am in the UK it’s better than Crewe, where I am from. No offence if you are from Crewe too, incidentally.


Great, I hope you will be able to meet me too in that pub opposite Fish Tram Chips in summer 2016 :smiley_cat:


I am the Karen Carpenter of eating, but I hope to be able to speak Welsh with you over summer anyway :smiley:


Hi Jenny

That’d be great. I’d love to have a go at actually speaking the language after six months of books and tapes. How about Costa’s after work one day next week?



Look forward to it. I live up the hill from that pub - takes me 3 minutes to walk there and half-an-hour to walk back.


Hi Jenny,
Scrabble night is on 14th January, 7.30pm, Capel Peniel, Ty Mawr Rd, Deganwy. If you happen to have a Scrabble game do bring it along. Hope to see you there. Sam.


You reminded me of Crewe and how many times I routed through there on trains in my youth. Yes, Lllandudno has a lot of appeal.

I play tennis at Eirias park when visiting North Wales, which is not that far away from you and eat superb Fish and Chips in Lllandudno junction.



Great! How is Monday? Is it Deganwy you actually live? I do too so can meet in Castle View if that’s handy?


It sounds to me as though your acquisition is going fine - in fact, I’d like to see more people jump in the deep end like that (and you might find our group for Accelerated Welsh on Facebook interesting, if you’re on Facebook:

The key for you is absolutely going to be starting to use your Welsh in live situations - and you’re going about this in exactly the right way, by trying to find fellow learners with whom you’ll be able to get the ball rolling. By the time you’ve found a way to get an hour’s conversation every week, you’ll be flying… :sunny:


I love the idea of that group, but I quit Facebook as a New Year’s Revolution. I made 4. Learn Welsh, learn to knit, quit Facebook and get seriously fit. I make them every year, never broken one in 40 years, so a Facebook group is out sorry, pity, but that’s life,


Looking forward to my summer trip to the Great Orme even more now.


Hi Jenny
Whoops - just picked up this post. I have a family commitment tonight and am working in Coventry tomorrow. We could meet Wednesday if that suits. I’m in Llandudno but can get to Deganwy easily if Castle View suits.


Hi Steve, no worries at all! I’m pretty busy this week now but next week could meet Mon, Tues or Weds next week :smile:


Dw i’n byw yn Hen Golwyn a swn i’n lico cael sgwrs anfurfiol hefyd. Dw i’n aleod o’r cymdiethas syn cyfarfod bob bore gwener yn siop Lewis yn Llandudno. Gysylltu a mi os wyt ti isio cyfarfod rhywle i cael sgwrs.


Helo Hugh
Diolch yn fawr am eich neges. Mi faswn yn licio ymarfer siarad cymraeg. Os dach chi isio, anfonwch enw café o lle arall in Hen Golwyn ac amser/dydd a mi fydda I’n gyrru I Hen Golwyn am sgwrs.


Just wondering if people still around in Old Colwyn area? Considering moving there


I live in Llandudno but would also be interested in any meet ups locally, including Old Colwyn, although I have only been learning Welsh for about 6 months.


hope we can catch up in the future of the house purchase goes well!


Hi Di, I don’t know about Old Colwyn specifically but there’s lots of Welsh learning happening near there, menter iaith groups, lots of learner meet-ups, mostly still on zoom, merched y wawr too. About 25% of people in Deganwy, Conwy, Llandudno Junction speak Welsh. Good luck with your move. Kay