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SSi - state of play, January 2018


A, yes … I thought so. The videos created with Samuray can be recognized very easily, at least for me.


Really not too far away now! We’ve been caught up with a bunch of work for the new 6 month course, but that also sets us a crunchier deadline for the L2 listening exercises - so keep your eyes peeled over the next month or so… :wink:


Still only up to 13 on Level 3 south – any chance of progress?


Hi Aran, will the two videos just posted on Facebook be available on the forum soon? There are quite a few people here who don’t use fb. Simultaneous release would be good.

The videos are brilliant, and make it clear what the 5-minute recording is all about (still haven’t done mine after the huge knock to my confidence last year, but that’s another story).


However do we find them then? I mean, are there a load of interesting postings lurking somewhere and not available from Welsh, General despite being relevant? I always presumed General covered everything that wasn’t specifically somewhere else, like a meeting or, recently, speech recordings. Some of the Million Speakers stuff seems to get into General. Also, I presumed that a search when in Welsh with all Categories listed everything about Welsh. Is that not the case?


I always choose to view ‘Latest’ from the drop down menu on the left. I saw the post fairly quickly after it went up. It already had a few likes, so I guess other people view this way too.
It seems that having the post uncategorised was an error that has been fixed now. You should be able to find future updates easily, probably in the news category.


14 is on the website :slight_smile:


I must admit, I hadn’t thought they’d be useful for existing learners! But sure… I’ll get them onto YouTube, and then we can post them directly to the forum… :slight_smile:


When you create the new topic in whatever category the system always gives the main category so there’s almost no chance one would miss the main category. If I see something what’s in only “Welsh” I usually read the post and put it where it belongs, depending of the subject of posting. “Spanish”, “Other languages” and “News” have no sub category so no need to worry at all. I believe only admins and mods have the possibility to mistakingly give something into “uncategorized” because I believe (from my experience) the ways of posting can be, apart from usual one, multichoice for them aswell.

So, @henddraig I believe we didn’t mi8ss much if anything at all and “uncategorized” is quite handy for preparing things first before posting if admin or mod doesn’t have the time to finish everything at once.

Hope it helps to understand things. If I’m wrong the “chosen ones” can correct me of course.


Ye, your channel needs some fresh content. :).

But now siriously: so this all means there is no way we could expect new, already “in the making” languages to pure out in the quite near future? Maybe continuing “oldfashioned” way would still be useful until SSiBorg is fully prepared for such tasks, if you have voluntiers already.


Nope, unfortunately not - we’d have to stop everything else we’re doing just to limp forward with two or three languages. But not to worry, it’s really not going to be all that much longer before we can do a new round of beta-testing with the SSiBorg… :slight_smile:


Me too! Can’t wait for the extended range!

Too bad I’m thinking I may be too far ahead for the 6 month Welsh speakers course. I got all excited about that for a minute. :wink:


I found the FB videos to be really helpful and they seem to fit in nicely with the new Speaking Practice content.

I can’t get enough SSiW at the mo, so I’m hopping around the internet picking up as much as possible.

That’s a thought -
How about a digital TV channel :wink:



Like a YouTube channel?

[We’ll be able to get a slightly friendlier url when we have 100 subscribers… :wink: ]


I can’t wait for the extended range either. However there must be many SSIW users like me who are not familiar with the new ideas. You assume we all use facebook, audacity etc. SSIW welsh has been a great help to me but I am beginning to feel left behind. Luckily I do manage to use my welsh once a month at a local meetup and I do use twitter. Have a good weekend


Hi Brian :slight_smile: Not quite - I try to combine working on refining the methodology and its implementation with letting people know about our ideas/recommendations in a variety of ways - on the forum, via our email list, via Facebook and Twitter and YouTube - of course, it’s hard to make sure that every single person who’s interested gets every single new thought on the platform of their choice. But I certainly don’t just assume that everyone uses Facebook, or I’d only publish stuff there… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about getting left behind :slight_smile: You’re here, on the forum, which has always been our main channel of communication - you’re using the lessons, you’ve got a monthly meet-up, you’re not missing out on anything important. And at some point this year, I’m hoping to finish tying the changes/discoveries of the last few years up into a book, which will make it a bit easier to feel that you’ve got the full map… :slight_smile:


Well, people - subscribe then, subscribe! :slight_smile: the channel is at exactly 66 subscribers now … (I already did quite some time ago … :slight_smile: and then again … to who I didn’t subscribe actually. You’re all mine. :smile:)[quote=“briangillam, post:35, topic:10525”]
You assume we all use facebook, audacity etc. SSIW welsh has been a great help to me but I am beginning to feel left behind.

At least I am (mostly) always here to help regarding techy things and I believe others are too. I think we just have to go on hand in hand with technology. And … twitter can be good enough. You can also use your welsh writing abilities on Clecs. It will be hard at first but in time the things improve and you feel like home. :slight_smile:


I subscribed to the Youtube channel this morning! I hadn’t known it existed before, but I do now. :smile:

Regarding Clecs, is it possible to read it without signing up? I have more than enough online accounts already that I hardly ever use and I don’t really get on with Twitter (though I have an account). I’d like to get a feel for the sort of conversation that happens on Clecs before registering, if that’s possible.


That is how I feel and every one seems another invitation to hackers to invade my space, so I am keeping away from tweeting and youtube and subscriptions! Sorry folks!


As far as I know it’s not possible to view things on Clecs before you subscribe. When I wanted to go on without logging in it always asked me to do so first. I’ve tried this one more time (on the browser I usually don’t use for such things (Opera) and it is as I’ve said. But (tested twitter just right now too) on twitter it’s much the same. You can’t see anything if you’re not logged in unless you have the link to specific post maybe.

Clecs is actually very similar to Twitter although it misses some twitter features though and you are “alowed” to write/communicate only in Welsh. On Clecs you have featured members or members to follow suggestions too, but I found kind of harder to find those I want to follow though if they didn’t put proper (or maybe forum) name there. You also see more or less just posts from those you’re following or posts which are shared by one of those you follow so it sometimes seams like the network is too silent. Well, it can be good to calm down a bit though being tired of all bombarding happening on FB and Twitter (and elswhere) by the old posts or those posts you actually don’t want/need to see. It’s quiet little Welsh network on which (as far as I can see using it) the conversations are mostly those around Wales, Welsh and maybre some personal things connected with learning the language, going somewhere etc. The interface is in Welsh also but I know you’re skilled enough Welsh speaker/reader to cope with this too.

The appearance is something like this

There are suggested users on the left, the main part in the middle, upper banner has 5 functions: “Home”, “Suggestions”, “Search” and “Everything”. On the right you have notifications (little circle with number where it’s 0 if you have none) and your picture which, clicking on it gives you the options about maintaining your profile. The posting bar is blow which, clicking on it, opens into floating window in which you can post.

In (not too) short (but still) this is practically all.

Hope it helps to decide if you wish to join or not. (Ignore my silly post at the top of the screenshot :smile:, I’m blurting nonsense many times (as rearly as I’m posting something there))