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Very quick one again today - should have a little more time next Monday! - I’m about to hop on a bus (if I can find one!) to run down to the Singleton campus in Swansea - couple of lectures to give there today - then to Cardiff promptly tomorrow morning for a day’s intensive tutoring (with Ruth Jones, who’s doing brilliantly, and who’s filming her journey the week after) - back home on Wednesday, another intensive day of coaching on Thursday, and then it’ll be time to focus on making sure that we’re ready for another round of advertising for the 6min course - we’re hoping to launch three terrific new videos next week… :slight_smile:


Blimey, @aran! Just caught up with your work schedule! What are you doing with all your spare time? :wink::sweat_smile:


Oh, Danish would be great! The grammar isn’t really very difficult but the pronunciation definitely IS - a SSIW approach would be fantastic :grin::grin::grin:


Everything sounds so exciting :slight_smile: Maniacally busy but super exciting!!


Washing up… he can’t expect to be able to get away without doing any washing up at all… in fact, I think that all these meetings away are just an excuse not to do any washing up… :rofl:


Just wondering if this means that a Chinese/Mandarin course might be on the cards way down the line, or if this potential partnership would be more just on the financial side?
Hope the talks went well either way :slight_smile:


I can relate. I’m not terribly fond of cleaning, and I’m the master procrastinator about certain chores, like dishes. There’s been times when I’m doing in-home pet-sitting, and I avoid washing anything until a week’s worth of stuff has piled up in the sink. “Huh, I’m almost out of plates, maybe I should do the dishes…” I tidy up before leaving, it’s just that sometimes all of the tidying up happens last-minute.


Can’t he wash up and skype at the same time? Sorry, I forgot. Us blokes don’t multitask :slight_smile:


It’d probably be difficult to hear what he’s saying over the sink running and the clatter of plates, so it might not work out well.
Though I now have that image in my head, of him on Skype while up to his elbows in soapy water. “Uh-huh, uh-huh…” (scrubs pan) “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. What?” (grabs sprayer)


Sorry @aran, looks like I hijacked your thread. :blush:… Back to the serious stuff…


Can’t believe that Catrin throwing shade at me about washing-up (yeah, let’s play this one out in the open, and come clean on who does it most often, come on!) GETS MORE LIKES THAN MY ACTUAL WORK UPDATE… :exploding_head: :joy:

Mandarin and Cantonese courses - very likely to happen next year, if things go well with the company in question… :slight_smile:


Truly excellent news and I for one hope to start these courses as soon as they are released! :smiley:


Pob lwc @aran !!!


@catrinlliarjones Aww, but we were having so much fun… :joy:

@aran Well, what can we say, we enjoy picking on you. And besides, disliking chores is such a relatable issue.


Oh, I hear you… :wink: :joy:

Right - sliding in as the bell strikes on this one today, since I’ve got to do the swimming run (and just realised how odd that sounds - the swimming run?!) in a few minutes…

Good news: I didn’t actually die last week.

Less good news: I did bloody get bursitis, though, ouch ouch ouch. But the stuff in Swansea went fantastically, and they’ve extremely kindly said they’d like to offer me an honorary lectureship (which my beloved step-father would have approved of enormously!) - oh-my-word-I-haven’t-sent-the-CV-yet, that’s going to have to be a Tuesday thing now…

And Ruth Jones did staggeringly well on her intensive day in Cardiff, and is going to hit it out of the park - she’s starting filming her 3 day journey in Welsh tomorrow, I think, and it’s going to make for fantastic TV. She also very kindly said that she’d agreed to do the show because of SSiW, not the other way around, which was lovely to hear… :slight_smile: :heart:

This week - we’ve got a board meeting on Thursday, so I’ve got a bunch of preparatory stuff to get done for that - we’re also looking to go live with a couple of new sales pages, so that’ll take up some bandwidth - got to finish up organising around a meeting with S4C next week, and get dates worked out for Taith Iaith filming/teaching next week - argh-seriously-I-need-a-PA because I’m-not-clever-enough-to-juggle-all-this-stuff - and then also trying to figure out if it’s going to be possible to get out to China before Christmas to meet a potential investor/partner/franchisee…

So yeah, mostly just sitting staring at the wall wondering where my sense of knowing what was going on went… :wink:

In terms of overviews - we’re going to get some new data on advertising with the new videos and landing pages soon, which is important - we’re mainly trying to fine-tune cashflow right now so that we’re in the strongest possible position when we take on the next round of investment funding, which should be within the next 3 to 6 months. When the next round of funding comes in, you can expect to see a bunch of much more dramatic stuff - higher levels of advertising for Welsh and Spanish, and the long-awaited beginning of producing more languages (and Welsh through the medium of more languages)… :slight_smile:

Ymlaen! :slight_smile: :heart:


Bursitis is another name for housemaids knee, you’re not scrubbing the floors now as well as scullery duty, are you😳. Seriously though hope it soon clears up🤗


Well, it depends where the bursitis is - I know it as weaver’s bottom!


Also, according to Wikipedia, “clergyman’s knee”, which is apparently a different condition from housemaid’s: I assume they kneel differently. I do hope @aran’s enjoying this discussion as much as we are…


I am always amazed at the extra knowledge you gather when learning Welsh with ssiw.:smile:


It makes all the pain and the hot and cold presses seem entirely worthwhile. :heart: