SSiW and the Big Change - brace yourselves!


Diolch Aran , sounds great for us learners who have completed all the current material and need something to keep moving us on to that path to fluency , and I appreciate the fact that I will still only have to pay the very reasonable price of £3.99 .
There is no way I would be able to hold conversation the way I can today without SSIW and it’s great the way us learners are being supported every step of the way.


I have not been active on here for several years. When I go to my subscription page, it says “You’re on the imported Single subscription plan. Please contact us if you would like to switch over to our new integrated subscription system.” Pardon my ignorance, but what, exactly, does that mean regarding the new £10/month membership, and what does “new integrated subscription system” mean? Diolch yn fawr.


I am on the SSIW brain shock 6 month course. Hooked and addicted to learning Welsh. As I am half way through level 2, I was going to ask what happens after I finish level 2 . I guess this announcement answers my question? If so how do I sign up?


Hi Karen - you’d have set up your payment in our old, manual days - via Paypal or standing order - the ‘new’ set up works entirely online - we’ll be including all our ‘manual’ subscribers in the ‘never need to pay more’ stream… :slight_smile:

@garnetcalder - delighted you’re going so well! I’m currently building a 3 month ‘In at the Deep End’ follow on for our 6 monthers - and then at the end of that is when you’d usually see the monthly £10 option - so yup, if you jump for it now, you can lock that in at 3.95, and you’ll still be able to join us on the ‘Deep End’ course if you choose… :slight_smile:

I think I’m right in saying that if you go to the Challenges and try to open anything in Level 3, you’ll get taken to the subscription page… :slight_smile:


Me and my mate Sŵt were wondering which of our subscriptions to roll on or both. I think his is a more modern one. To be honest, I’m not greatly fussed so will it be ok to let them go through the change then sort it out after?


Wow! Llongyfarchiaau Aran and the whole team on this immense forward step towards your dreams and aspirations. It’s such an exciting time and I feel thrilled and privileged to be witnessing it and being a tiny little part of it. I’m on week 19 0f the 6mth course (and LOVING it) and I had it in mind to subscribe to the Polyglot plan when the 6mths are up. Am I right in thinking that I can take up your very generous offer of £6.95 per mth now? And can I set up a Direct Debit?:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Yup, definitely… :slight_smile: A diolch :star2:

Absolutely, a diolch yn fawr iawn i ti… :slight_smile: I think it’s either Paypal or credit/debit card - it’ll say on the page if you try to go to a Level 3 lesson… :slight_smile:


chin up, @mikeellwood. maybe he only popped out to pick up some Trill


Very happy to see SSi going from strength to strength. What started out to be a random find on the App store has turned into a new hobby which I spend increasingly more time on, and a brilliant way to meet new people. Oh and learn a language in a way that suits me! Very intrigued in the new developments :smiley:


Are you not a bit worried that £12 / month (inc VAT) will put some people off? I’m only learning Welsh for fun, and other than the odd holiday I’m unlikely to really use it, but I still plan on getting through all the levels. I wouldn’t pay £144 / year for the privilege though, and I don’t particularly want nor have time for weekly conversations with Beca.

I’ll probably subscribe before the end of August for fear of never having access to Levels 2 and 3 (and indeed I probably would have anyway, even without this announcement), but if I were only starting after then, I probably wouldn’t subscribe. That said, I’m maybe a bit of an outlier as one with no real reason to learn Welsh and no particularly strong connection to Wales.

That’s not to say I can’t see the benefit to others though, and I can understand the need to raise fees now there’s something new on offer and someone new to pay (you’re not a charity, after all!). I just hope that it doesn’t put potential learners off learning what is a wonderful language on a wonderful site with a unique and effective teaching system and a busy and friendly forum full of interesting characters!

Sorry for my bluntness. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful.


Been there, done that. Subscription confirmed. Whoopee, GWYCH!!!


This sounds fantastic Aran.

Personally, I don’t have any problem paying the higher rate regardless. When I was doing level 1 I felt incredibly guilty as the course was so good I felt I really ought to be contributing (cant say I’ve felt quite like that before!) - puzzled, I eventually found the growth club (which I am happy to continue) - and then the relief of Level 2 and the ability to start a regular subscription.

In return I have received the gift of a language I have always wanted to learn but never thought I would.

Personally I consider this an absolute bargain. I am happy to contribute because it actually worries me slightly that you have enough funding to support ongoing developments in SSIW which is clearly delivering towards the million speakers target.

…but I’m sure you’ve got your numbers worked out :smile: :wink:

Thank you. I’m looking forward to it!



I wondered that as well even though It’s not going to affect me and I’ve just upgraded to the polyglot option, which I never knew about before.


I’m reading a book called “Legacy - what the All Blacks can teach us about life and business”. The core theme is - “better people make better All Blacks”.

@aran, you sir and everyone at SSiW are GREAT people!!

Diolch o galon am bopeth!!! :star2: :star: :star2: :star:


So is this similar to the growth club recordings except that its with different people?


I was a subscriber before the brain shock, then it was cancelled, how do I subscribe again to get the new material please?


I think this will need some tech magic - @kinetic, can you set up Caroline’s account so that she can subscribe? :slight_smile:

And 6 times as long, and actually happening every week… :wink:

No, not at all - openness is always very valuable and interesting for us. You’re absolutely right that it won’t be a match for everyone - I’m sure most people who really can’t afford it will put in an application for the scholarship programme, but there’ll be some people in the middle who wouldn’t feel that the scholarship is really meant for them, but don’t quite want to stretch to a tenner a month.

But we’ve spent 9 years charging very, very low amounts, and what that leads to is us not being able to pay people properly, and depending largely on volunteers, and feeling that we’re taking advantage of them - and now we’re on the verge of starting to produce more courses in more languages, we feel very sure that it’s the right time to start charging more realistic prices, and using the income to build more and better stuff (while treating everyone who works with us as well as they deserve)… :slight_smile:


Of course! Stupid me I’d forgotten that the growth club recordings were 5 minutes. They felt a lot longer!!


I too am on the “imported Single subscription plan” - I pay by standing order. How do I go about upgrading to the all languages plan and changing over to the new system?


PM to @kinetic would be best :slight_smile: