SSiW and the Big Change - brace yourselves!


Ww- ww… wait! :scream: Nobody mentioned anything about becoming a grandfather if you do this before … I read the small print and everything :astonished: :laughing:


This is very exciting!! Thank you very much Aran, Catrin and co!! I would love to get involved with this. I feel a bit bad that I’ve not been very regular on the forum for a couple of years - mostly reminders about the Manchester Group and an occasional look at the music thread and keeping up to date as much as possible via Dee’s wonderful newsletters. Life’s been a bit mad for me and mine for the last couple of years in negative and positive ways with sickness then death of my dear Mum, health worries for my son, returning to work for the NHS “part time” :joy:, buying our own caravan on the Llŷn peninsula :grin:, then a touch of breast cancer and all that that entailed :confused:(doing fine and just on meds now). But amidst all of that, speaking Welsh has continued to be my passion and my therapy and I never forget where that has come from. Almost every Welsh conversation I have includes me revealing who my teachers are. I was recently talking to Eleri who teaches at Nant Gwrtheyrn and she commented that SSIW learners stand out amongst others for their fluency! So I feel very proud of my Welsh roots! I have no others :joy: Diolch yn fawr iawn.
I’m presuming I’m still on the old payment system and very out of touch with payment systems being mentioned on here. Please let me know if I need to increase my payments to access this.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Diolch yn fawr iawn :blush:


Great question. It will vary depending on the person/ality, but I’d imagine that ground zero would be ‘listen to them every week’, followed by ‘listen once, read transcript’, then ‘listen once, read transcript, read translation’ - then ‘listen once, read transcript/translation, listen again’ - and so on - up to ‘listen, read transcript, listen, read translation, listen, listen at double speed’ as the ‘maximum extraction’ approach… :wink:

Same price - we’re not going to price gouge anyone :slight_smile: (although I’m hearing at the moment that I might have been rash to say we’re not going to add VAT - it seems as though we might not have an awful lot of choice with that, depending on the payment provider - we’re going to do our best to figure it out, though!).

Nope, there’ll be no need for that… :slight_smile: And thank you for your lovely words - I’m delighted that SSiW has been a positive thing for you during such a difficult set of challenges… :slight_smile: :star2:


Diolch o galon Aran :grin:


Just a thought - I’ve always only used the web interface, for some reason – will Beca’s new added content be best/only accessed via the app?


It will definitely be available on the website - app stuff depends on what Jeff and James have time… :slight_smile:


Tell me how to subscribe my 3.95 per month, I believe it works out at about ten dollars Australian.
Gerald Jones. Thank you.


Hi Gerald - if you just try to go to any lesson to which you don’t currently have access (Level 3 should do it!) you’ll be shown the subscription options… :slight_smile: And diolch yn fawr iawn for your support… :slight_smile:


Hi Aran and iestyn,

I am really excited to read this.

I would love to contribute 10 pound a month as a structural way of supporting your work.

Now that VAT is being added I would like to move my account to my business account and back account. Can you let me know how do this? i.e. stop my private account and start a business one ?

warmest wishes,

Elkie (still gong strong with Welsh and hoping to attend another bootcamp in the next couple of years)


That’s so lovely of you, Elkie - diolch o galon! :star: :star2:

@kinetic - fedri di helpu Elkie efo hyn? :slight_smile:


@aran Ym, wna i drio - dallt dim ar gyfrifon busnes ayyb… :open_mouth:

@elkiedeadman - What is it you need from me in order for this to happen? Is it just a matter of using a different card - one linked to a business account, I guess - to pay for your subscription? If so, you can change your billing details by going to Subscription in the menu in the top right corner of the main website, and then the “Billing details” tab. If you need something different, please let me know what that is… I’m afraid I’m rather easily confused by matters of tax and whatnot :wink:


This is all very exciting news and has also encouraged me to upgrade to the polyglot plan, after trying out the first five challenges of Spanish I am already addicted to it. As a long time lurker on the forum I would like to say thank you for the SSi approach. I never believed that it would be possible for me to learn another language until I found this site. Diolch.


Hi @aran, how do us 6 monthers fit into it? I was a subscriber 10 years ago and then mu payments stopped going out (I’m guessing it was because you could see that I wasn’t accessing the lessons anymore).


Hi Phil - we’re going to be making sure that everyone currently on the 6 month course gets this flagged up to them - it’s slightly out of order, because they don’t really need to be thinking about subscription until they’ve finished the 6 month (and the Deep End I’ve promised) - but for those who know they’d like the follow-on stuff, we wouldn’t want them to get hit with a price hike that we hadn’t given them plenty of warning about… :slight_smile:

Nope, we wouldn’t have stopped your payments - more likely to have been a Paypal/change of card kind of thing - but yup, if you start a sub again before the end of august, you’ll be grand-fathered in… :slight_smile:


Da iawn! Syniad da iawn iawn. What a very good idea. I have finished level 1. How do I register for Level 2? Having just spent three weeks in Wales I feel the need to get on with my Welsh. Although, I did manage some patchy conversations in Welsh with very patient people who apparently didn’t mind helping me find the right words or structures every now and again. Siop Fferm at Bethesda (nr Narberth) is a very good place to practise or Tafarn Sinc at Rosebush in the Preselis). At “Bessies” Dyffryn Arms in Cwm Gwaun (Sir Benfro) speaking Welsh really broke the ice. Most of the conversation was in English, though, because my husband doesn’t speak any Welsh except the most important words: bore da, peint o gwrw, os gwelwch yn dda, diolch yn fawr, nos da. Somehow this year I seemed to understand more and speak more than last time. Felly, mae rhaid i fi dal ati. (I must keep at it - is that correct?)


For people not on one of the structured courses, you just need to subscribe to get access to Level 2 - just try to open any Level 2 challenge and you’ll see the subscription options - and it happens to be pretty good timing, so you’ll get access to all the advanced stuff starting from the end of September, without needing to pay the higher price… :slight_smile:


Hi Aran,
I haven’t been using SSiW for a good while but I’m still showing as a member on the imported single subscription. I think my payments have timed out on a direct debit or similar so I need to update but don’t know how. Thank you for any advice


Hi Helen - I’ll tag @kinetic in here, he’ll be able to fix this for you - but he’s technically on holidays until after the Eisteddfod, so it might be a little while (unless we’re lucky enough for him to notice this in the meantime, and have a few minutes to try and fix it)… :slight_smile:

Level 2

Thank you


Hi Aran

Exciting news!!

I am currently signed up on the £3.95 subscription, under the old Paypal system.

If I would like access to all languages and material, do I just sign up to the “Polyglot” and am I
able to update the method of payment to a bank direct debit?