SSiW and the Big Change - brace yourselves!


Children grow far too confident if they’re not crushed at regular intervals, I find…



Yours are far too young for you to know the half of it…
Crush them while you can!


Hi, any news on how Beca is doing?
Diolch, Mandy


She’s off to a superb start - I’m currently very confident we’ll be publishing regularly by the end of the month… :slight_smile:


Hello! Sorry if I have missed this but do you have an idea as well as to when In at The Deep End will be ready? I am up to Challenge 15 of Level 2 and would like to subscribe to this ASAP to follow on. Anything you do is just worth every penny!


Diolch o galon, Julie - the Deep End is up and running, and will be shown to you when you get to the end of the 6 month course - or, er, we might need to figure out a link for people who’ve freestyled to the end of Level 2 - @kinetic?! :slight_smile:


It might work if you go to @julie-lwrnc though I’m not 100% sure about that.


Hello! Thanks for reply - I am a Level 2 Freestyler! I will be ready by end of this month so won’t look yet …:slightly_smiling_face:



Hello! Yes it does work - thank you! Will sign up when I have finished Level 2 at end of month …
Edrych mylaen ( think that means look forward to?!) …


Maybe it’s been explained before but I can’t find it and now I’m curious - and anyway not too sure about how to go on!
For “levellers” who don’t know how 6-months course work and I can’t understand much from the link.

Level 3 vs Deep End (after Level 2)?


Well, I’m not sure but I’d say more Level 3 and then Deep end afterwards.

But it might very well I’m wrong.



Nope, Deep End is a structured course for working through (and implementing) Level 3 - if you’re happy to do Level 3 on your own, no need for the extra structure - it’s pretty much either/or… :slight_smile:


Alright. :slight_smile:

Although I guess this is where you might explain why it could be worth spending a few more pounds on the “Deep End” to those who are not sure about what to do now… :wink:


The overview is on the link Dee gave - we don’t try to persuade people - if you’re not sure, you’re better off keeping on going with what’s working for you now… :slight_smile:


Confused here? Is there still a cheaper option or is it 5x the price now (in US dollars) if we want to continue without maybe some of the other perks? I can muddle through without listening challenges and what not.

I appreciate that many here don’t seem to have an issue with the pay increase (though many here don’t seem subject to it) but for lower middle class you just moved this from an actual affordable language course to not one at all.


I agree. If the new price was the price when I started, I wouldn’t have started at all. It is a big investment when you don’t have much income.
But Aran did say there would be scholarships available. I don’t know what the details are for that, but at least some provision is being made for those who are unable to pay more. But I know asking for help in this way is often quite uncomfortable, and I’m not sure how likely I would be to ask if I was new.
Maybe an option to consider might be having different price brackets where people can choose to pay what they can afford. I have seen it offered before, but I don’t know how successful it is.


Hello! I have recently resubscribed to SSiW and wanted to say how good the new website is! You have created a superb site - well done! It’s so easy to use. This morning I slowed down the speed of the challenges a tiny bit which is now perfect for the speed of my slow but thorough cognitive processing! Looking forward to seeing Beca’s new materials! Hwyl am y tro!


Well price change is not an issue because I made sure to subscribe before the end of August.
Therefore price will not change for me - just like anyone else who had subscribed earlier (that’s what’s written above here)

I must admit it was a very good thing for me, because it gave me that extra push not to be lazy!


I suppose that is good for you, but that doesn’t help those like me who did not join the forums in time to see the pay increase.

I am trying not to beat myself up mentally for not joining earlier because I didn’t know the price would increase and I didn’t have the spare money even if I wanted to… But it does stink that I won’t be able to go past Level 1 because of my financial situation.

I will look into the scholarships but (assuming I even qualify) it feels unfair taking one from someone who actually lives in Wales and may need it as well, since I know I am not the only paycheck to paycheck person in the world and other users have already said had they not joined earlier, this increase would have blocked them too.

Ironically, thanks to level 1 I know enough Welsh to say “I wanted to learn Welsh, but now I can’t” in Welsh :smile:


Just wondering - I’m sure you’ve already checked, and know your own budgetary constraints, too - but I’m not sure it’s going up 5x (but I’m in the UK, so I don’t know how currency exchange etc. affects this). If it’s going from £4 to £10+tax, I don’t think non-UK customers have to pay the tax, so by the time you factor in exchange/foreign currency fees, I’d think it’s probably only about 2x? Of course, that might still put it out of reach :frowning: