SSiW and the Big Change - brace yourselves!




Why not just hold the Growth Club without terminating it. At least I don’t expect anything in return but to be able to access the materials through which I could learn and improve. This is reward enough for my Growth Club contributions + monthly membership I already am paying too. …

If you switch me off I’ll switch me on again … unless you ban me. :slight_smile: because SSiW gave me so much, not just the possibility of learning language(s).


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Hi, where will I find Beca’s new stuff? Diolch


We’ll be figuring out a section in the VERY near future - I’m whipping Ifan on an important piece of stats work that we need, and then we’ll be opening up the advanced material either (fingers crossed) by the end of this week or (worst case scenario) next week… :slight_smile:




Awww. Rats. I’m just too late to the party. I’ll finish Level 1, then subscribe.
PS: I’m loving it, even though it is really hard work, and am delighted with the progress I’ve experienced in just a few weeks. I just need to keep going this time and not let circumstances intervene.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi, Any news on Becca’s new section? sorry to nag! I’m just super keen!


Aiming to be up and running this week! :slight_smile:


Great! How will I find it? Mandy :grinning:


By the skin of our teeth, thanks to some fast last minute coding from @kinetic, this will be live tomorrow - when you click on ‘Learn’ on the learning side of the site (so that’s two clicks on ‘Learn’ from here on the forum) you’ll see ‘Structured courses’, ‘Challenges’, ‘Growth Club’ (if you’re a member) and ‘Intensive courses’ - from an indeterminate point tomorrow afternoon, ‘Growth Club’ will have switched to ‘Advanced’, and if you click on that you’ll see the new content.

It’s going to be pretty lo-fi at first, but we’ll prettify it in the not-too-distant future… :slight_smile:

P. S. Growth Club members will still be able to access GC content - just by clicking on ‘Advanced’, and then on the link at the top of the next page (that will only appear to GC members).


Great stuff; and as an introduction, I’m sure I heard you, @beca-brown on Radio Cymru’s Post Cyntaf this morning :slight_smile:


You did indeed! And I gather there were some interesting background chats about SSiW happening there, but I’ll leave that for Beca to talk about when she gets the hang of the forum… :slight_smile:


What an amazing resource! Thanks Beca and everyone involved.