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SSiW App -- lost all Level 1 Challenges


I’ve just pressed “Update” in the settings, and I’ve lost all the Level 1 Challenges except for Challenge 01 (I was on Challenge 12). Have they gone behind a paywall now?


Hi @roblyndon

Yes only challenge 1 is free now.

Rich :slight_smile:


No problem – I subscribed. I’ve come this far: I might as well sign up.


If you’ve got as far as challenge 12 you’re a Welsh speaker! Which option have you gone for?

Rich :slight_smile:


North – I moved up to Gwynedd in March. Little bit late starting to learn the lingo though, :slight_smile:


Wow fantastic practice opportunities - that plus Ssiw is a rocket boosting combination.

Good luck!

Rich :slight_smile:


Slightly unfortunate timing! :slight_smile:

At the Start of 21, we are implored to start practising in the field, so I’ll be searching out some of the Zoom meet-ups on this forum. I think that counts.

For some reason, my cat finds SSiW utterly irresistible.


Zoom meetings definitely count Rob! Check out all the opportunities on our Slack WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) group too!