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SSiW for children?


Will anyone mention Coronavirws Bedtime here?

Other linguistic flavours available, especially Family-Orientated Italian a la @neil-pyper


Is this course available yet?


The visual interface we want to build is going to take a long time - we’re talking to some possible tech providers, but it’s new stuff, so it will be thorny…

However, we do have our free Bedtime Welsh up and running, and the kids who’ve been with us since the start there are doing some terrific things now… to join the community, or for the YouTube playlist… :slight_smile:


For some reason the link doesn’t seem to be working


Oh, we had to change the invitation token - it might take a while to refresh - but all the stuff on YouTube is there at :slight_smile:


Hi all, here’s something that may be of interest to anyone with children who either speak Welsh or who are learning…