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Hello @margarethall! Oh my these forums had me confused for a second or three.

Mostly, it’s the opportunity for daily practice no matter where you live. I am there about noon daily (PT) for practice speaking, and anyone can use the place so do the same. The clubhouse in SL has chess and now a dart board to broaden our options for interaction. But, when enough show interest I have two words…

Battle Dragons :wink:



Heads up - I am AFK this afternoon. Will miss seeing you!



I’ve opened an account on my phone but I’m not able to find a body!!! Lol :crazy_face:
My name is AeronwenAzar


Great! AeronwenAzar is now on the list of people with access to the clubhouse in SL. A teleport offer was also sent with a friendship request from me. :wink:
I will be in-world today about noonish (Pacific Time). Have fun picking out an avatar! Hope to see you soon.

P.S. I haven’t figured out how to do much from the Lumiya viewer, although I’ve seen others use it with great success. Mostly I use the desktop with headphones, etc. (I feel so old right now…)

PPS: Sut i ddeud, “club house”? Ty clwb?



Leslieann I still can’t work Lumiya.
My eldest daughter is going to bring my laptop to the hospital for me tomorrow…My youngest daughter had breathing problems last week and were still in the intensive care unit.


Oh my goodness! I will light a candle for her and you both.


Thanks Leslieann :heart:


“Do not try Control+Shift+6+w to make a little hat over the w. It will shut your browser down without saving anything.”
Wnesti nae do? Did you do that? I guess it’s less comnon than alt+f4 :tired_face:


Thank you Leslieann …She’s opened her eyes this morning…the first time in 10days xxx :heart: xx


That would have been a wonder to behold… Ten days would have felt like an eternity!


Thanks Sean
It has been worrying xx


Sounds absolutely terrifying. So glad that she’s opened her eyes. Hang on in there, all of you.


Diolch Aran xx


@beverly_melnykjones I am so glad your daughter has awakened. We heal best in our sleep, so I am hoping she is feeling much better very soon. Are you getting rest?

Sending more warm fuzzies your way…


In SL F2 makes your avatar give a round of applause. F8 is a belly laugh. F9-F12 are all tricky dance moves. This is the only time I use those fancy command keys now, unless I know “for sure” what will happen.

Do you have an avi in SL? Aeronwen and I just had our first gtg - too fun!


Just meet with @sumsmeister - almost had the dartboard working too!
Thanks again - this is more conversational Cymraeg in one day than I could possibly otherwise have access to.
You guys rock!


I do not, no. SL et al never grabbed me. But Cymraeg has me with Slack, Twitter and a new email account-so who knows?


@leslieann …I’ve found some clothes :rofl:
Fuzzies gratefully received and returned 10fold :heart:


Can’t wait to see the new outfit. I love dressing the avi - never a bad hair day. Unless your hair disappears… then you have to find it in inventory again. ha ha

How is everyone doing? Is your daughter able to talk with you yet? I will be on at the usual hour (hanner dydd, Amser Pacific) if you have time today. A bat got trapped in the bathroom overnight, so this morning I am cleaning with bleach and the hand steamer.

How do you say “bat” in Welsh? I love the little creatures, they eat 10,000 bugs an hour when they are out. But in the house is not okay.

Hope to “see” you soon - I’ve been working on something more rural for us, out of the SL burbs. Think you will enjoy it there. Dw i meddwl… mwy mwynhau mae’n …

Rhaid a mi ymarfer os dw i isio gwella yn y Gymraeg!



Wow…Wikipedia Cymraeg!!
Here’s a bat link
I love bats :heart_eyes: even in the house

Don’t know why but I was walking around with a box on me last night! In SL that is :smile:
I’m on a big learning curve with dysgu Cymraeg and now SL too :laughing:

Daughter is getting better thank you :heart: I can tell because she was creating a fuss going back onto the ventilator :blush:
She’s not able to talk as she has cerebral palsy but she makes her feelings known :laughing: It’s so good to hear her making a fuss.
I will be back…hanner dydd ond dw’i ddim yn gwybod pryd.

You are doing a lot of SL work…diolch yn fawr xx cwtch xx

Gweld ti cyn bo hir xx