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Wait a minute! SecondLife still exists? I thought it’s long dead after so much of enthusiasm and “boom” not only internationally but in our country too. Interesting really. Is it still that you have to have a heck of a good “machine” (read PC) not to be laggy etc or they put it on some other engine more “all machines” friendly?.

Well, not that I have much of the time these days to give it a go but still interesting though.


Yep, SL is still here. Machines have improved along with the viewers, so most can handle it if the graphics are turned down.

I really love the opportunity to pop inworld and say S’mae to other SSiW students. Glad to see people giving it a go again. :sunny:


Where’s this photo taken? Looks beautiful :blush:
Ps. Got your invite so I’m guessing you’re at Cymru Fach :grin::heart_eyes:


Firstly I hope your Daughter is feeling better… best wishes :heartbeat:

and Wow myself… Wikipedia Cymraeg !! :open_mouth:

As for Bats… On the way to my girlfriends house in Carmel I used to actually go under a ‘Bat Bridge’ they built across the road :grinning: (Seriously)


Diolch @john-johnson :grinning: She’s getting better
A bat bridge must have been a fab sight!


Thats good news…

The bridge just looks like a lot of wires to me… but for some reason they recon the bats will go to them and follow them across the road high up instead of low down, and not get hit by waggons… I’m not making this up, honest… ‘Bat Bridge Gwynedd’ in google will show you lol


Whoooooo! That’s a lot of money!


Wow, that is a lot of money. It is relatively simple to create bat habitat in your own backyard. If anyone is interested, here are some ideas for bat houses.

Where’s this photo taken? Looks beautiful :blush:
Ps. Got your invite so I’m guessing you’re at Cymru Fach :grin::heart_eyes:

I set up a place that may be a bit more interesting for us. There is a game room in the dungeon with pool, darts and old school arcade games, plus a working YouTube tv so we can watch Welsh lessons as a group, if desired. It is a whole 1/4 homestead, so there is plenty to explore…

Here is the new teleport to Cymru Fach SSiW Please join the group of the same name for access.

Last night I was curious about the sailing ships that actually cruise the waters between SL islands. Just a little ways off shore, and hubby asked “How are you going to find home again?” Absolute panic set it as I considered the chance of becoming hopelessly lost at SL sea. :cold_sweat:

Then I remembered. Stand up, put the ship in inventory and teleport home. Easy peasy. (an American term, meaning “piece of Welsh cake”) :wink: just kidding, I have no idea if that last one is a phrase in Wales or not.

I am generally inworld around noonish (wyth yn, Cymru) and spend about an hour there doing language practice and listening.

Great for me, but is there a better time for folks to meet? Even if I can’t make that time, the place is still available to use. It really is convenient for saying hello, er, s’mae. Especially if you don’t have other learners locally available.

@beverly_melnykjones - thanks for the good news updates. candle still lit. :hugs:
Gweld ti cyn bo hir



Wait… Carmel? If that is Carmel-by-the-Sea in CA, it is not too far away to take a look-see. Could you please message me if you recall where this is, my grandson would love to see such a sight. Diolch yn fawr!


Sorry leslieann… It’s Carmel in Gwynedd, North Wales…


:rofl: oh silly me~ Gwynedd makes much more sense!


Good news…we should be transferring back to Carmarthen Hospital tomorrow.
Sad news…the 10year old girl opposite my daughter died yesterday :sob:
Thanks for the candles leslieann xx hugs xx


Oh well, maybe one day I’d pop in for a moment.


Oh wow. My heart goes out to the other family.
So glad you are able to transfer, hopefully closer to home. A busy day…

Will continue to keep all in prayer.


New Event - Easter Egg Battle ~ 6 yn (Cymru) Easter Monday!

Easter Monday is April 22, and in Wales I found out it is a bank holiday for the week after Easter. I didn’t know that was a thing but soon found out when I forgot my touring cash in a London hotel safe one year. It was Thursday before the banks opened again and boy did that make my week in Wales challenging. :crazy_face:

Anyway… I’ve been doing some work on the SL sim, prepping for an Easter Egg… Battle! Yep, brightly colored eggs in a basket. Throw them at each other. Great fun!

So, the event is on Easter Monday Starting at 6yn (Cymru) lasting until…?
We have a whole 1/4 homestead to play on - yes, it’s all ours - with lots to explore, so there will be an Open House tour to start things off - then we will play the Welsh national anthem and …let the battle begin!

This event is open to all SSiW students, alumni and admin too(@aran? @dee? @Iestyn?) ~ If you have a computer, you are half way there already! I think we can hold as many as 25 before the sim starts breaking. Let’s see if we can break the sim. (Don’t worry - you can’t actually break it this way.)

Gweld chi yn fuan (hope GoogleT got that right…) :wink:


So just to verify for the newsletter tomorrow - it will start at 18:00 BST (GMT+1) on Easter Monday, April 22nd, iawn?


Definitely want to make it to one of these some day, when I’ve figured out how to get SL up and running on my PC again (it’s tucked away up in the chalet where my mother now lives, so I’m not on it all that often)… :slight_smile:


@dee diolch, a da iawn!
That would be Mon 22 Apr, 6yn Cymru, (11yb Pacific, 2yp Eastern…). Thanks for catching the date typo - really should wear my glasses when I look at the calendar! lol

This also gives folks some extra time to gussy up their avatars for the party. :smiley:


@aran It would be wonderful to have you, or any of our teachers, admin and voices as our guest(s) of honor for the event. :star_struck:
Initial login is all pretty self explanatory, but let me know if you would like any help getting set up.


Well, if this is Welsh time then it’s 18:00 GMT. (19:00) GMT+ (my time)). You have to have in mind that we all in Europe still mooved the clock one hour ahead so the time zones remain as they were all the way untill 2021 when the EU countries will have a choice to decide which time will they keep, Summer or Winter (true sun) time.