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Stori Dwy Steddfod


So, here’s the strand for this new little docco-story! A tale of two Eisteddfodau… starring Leisa Gwenllian of Rownd a Rownd fame! Let me know what you think of this new format. It’s not instead of the Sgyrsiau, but as an add-on, for variety :blush:


I enjoyed this format :+1: .

It is shorter and as you’ve said elsewhere there is a focus on talking a little more slowly (at least at the beginning!)…so I would say that this is a little easier than the standard Sgwrs (which I think is the intention).

The accents are quite strong however - so it’s not a complete ‘walk in the park’ :wink:

I’m looking forward to an episode where we found out whether Lisa’s alarm did go off, how she got on/ what the experience was like. :smile:

Thank you once again!

Rich :slight_smile:


Since there’s no spoileriaid warning I will not report what I clearly remember reading elsewhere that makes me guess the alarm worked alright. :smiley:


That’s tonight’s ep!


Excellent job! :wink:


Ep 2 is up! :blush:


Ooo well done Leisa :+1: :clap:

It always looks like those situations must be a bit terrifying - so now we have the inside story - yes they are ! :smile:

Rich :sunny:


It’s a mystery for me how someone can find this easier than Sgwrs33 - Beca reading the article. (@rich?) :smile:

But more in general, the new, shorter and more focused series is easier for me than previous ones.

One thing that helps me understand and memorize words is when they are repeated many times (like here, cymeriad).
It’s just as if my brain got automatically alerted it’s probably worth remembering.
And even though sometimes I don’t get the sound correctly or don’t really know how to spell them right away (like cassirol instead of clasurol) there are more chances that after seeing them written down and translated I do end up remembering them.

My “I must be wrong” moment was when I though I had heard wings.
Ehm…did I ever mention I was in love with Paul McCartney when I was about 5 years old? :rofl:
So his cheesy band was the first thing that popped up in my mind, but didn’t seem likely. :roll_eyes:
Greek mythology certainly includes several wings, but I was sure there must be a word in Welsh for it.
Then I found out what it was, I also learn more English in the process! :smiley:


Ha, ha, really…so you think the other way round? :smile: wow.

I do find Leisa (and Beca :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ) hard to understand because of the accent and speed… but I find that my brain ‘tunes in’ after a minute or so…this tuning in, is relatively new - I used to struggle all the way through until recently.

On the written piece however, there was vocab and ways of putting things I had to work through on the transcript (no chance of me doing it while listening :crazy_face: ).

It sounds like you are making loads of progress :sunny: :sunny: which is fantastic- well done :+1: the location of your SSIW meetings sound a bit better than the pub-next-to-the-railway-line in industrial Leeds which I go to!..hmm :roll_eyes:

Rich :slight_smile:

Meet-ups and walks in Italy

Fantastic. I understood most of the words and I have a good idea of the content. That’s before I read the script or translation. 5 mins is enough for me to digest in one go.


Ep 3 is up folks, as this year’s Eisteddfod yr Urdd draws to a close…


Thanks I had noticed this pop up and I enjoyed the next instalment - thank you. I think the shorter format offers a good bit of variety.

Shame about legally blond! I have two daughters who absolutely loved the film - and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it - in bits - but I think I could recite some of the script verbatim (as an indication :blush:).

( It would be really interesting to see a Welsh version as effectively I’d have a translation in my head. )

For me now the remaining bit that trips me up is the specialist vocabulary for eg the names of the competitions and things like that. This represents progress but annoying in the sense I want to understand everything!

Rich :slight_smile:


Those bits are what you need least though, generally, so if those are the only things tripping you, well that’s great!
Re Legally Blonde, yes, gutted! I’ll upload some (badly filmed!) vids and pics later, for you to hear the Welsh script!


I’ll add the videos to the relevant recording as they can’t be loaded here, but here’s a pic of Leisa in her Legally Blonde gear to give you an idea!


Episode 4 is up, folks! I’ll be adding videos to previous eps and future ones, once I’ve worked out the tech…!


Another ep going up tonight - and here’s Begw (Leisa Gwenllian) and Mair (Glain Rhys)



Above is a Radio doc made about the Te yn y Grug production - you may find it ok due to having had the shorties from Leisa Gwenllian!


There was a short bit on last night on S4C too in their show about the Steddfod


Hi folks - Ep 5, and the penultimate - is up now :blush: