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Stori Dwy Steddfod


Wow I’ve just seen a photo of Trystan on CymruFyw - isn’t it funny - he looks nothing like I imagined him from his voice - which I have heard so much! :smile:

How do you imagine what someone looks like from the sound of their voice? :thinking: …thought for the day!

Rich :slight_smile:


I was just about to post the same thing! I know Beca said he was younger than he sounded. But he really really is :joy:


Hi Beca! Pretty sure your son walked past me at the Eisteddfod today. I avoided the temptation to run up and blurt something out about my favourite show Rownd a Rownd :slight_smile:


@Catriona and @rich - Haha!!! I think he’s one of these born middle aged types!! He’s only 40! He told me that when he was little the neighbours used to refer to him as “that little victorian boy”!!!


Haha! Yes we were on the Field yesterday. The beady-eyed among you may have spotted us in a choir… :blush:


By the way, there are Rownd a Rownd signing/selfie sessions on the S4C stall tomorrow morning and afternoon, for those of you who are fans and visiting.


Thanks, both (as they say in these parts). That was a great sgwrs. I can’t believe how much I can understand now without the need for headache pils.:wink:


Listened to the programme on Radio Cymru ( really pleased with how much i understood!) and just saw a short interview with Alun Lewis on S4C.

I know tonight is the big night, but I can’t work out if we’ll be able to watch any of it - tonight or subsequently. Does anyone know? (Reluctant to disturb @beca-brown, who I am sure has her mind on her daughter, not on the Forum!)


It will be on s4c at some point but they haven’t said when yet. I don’t think it’s live though.


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out. I’m hooked. I’ve even ordered a copy of the book!



Hi all, sorry for the silence, it’s been a bit manic! The show was great - really special. It will be on S4C in the Autumn apparently, but there is growing pressure on them to tour it, as the show sold out in 3 hours!


And here is a bit of Leisa Gwenllian’s winning monologue. You may spot another familiar face on the Alaw Werin (Folk Song)…!


The pictures I’ve seen online look absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see it on the telly!


If this happens I’m there!


Here’s Hollywood star Ioan Gruffydd on the Alaw Werin competition, many a moon ago!


O Gwych/great. I saw your Leisa on Jason Mohamed’s Eisteddfod programme on BBC Wales. You must be so proud.


Was she?! Doing what?!


Im pretty sure it was Te yn y Grug. The section with the three girls on the front of the stage.


It’s on BBC Four at the moment!