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dwi di bod yn dysgu Cymraeg am biti pewar mis nawr… and apart from not worrying too much about spelling and having really enjoyed the first 12 challenges, I seem to have ground to a bit of a halt. I completed challenges 13 and 14 and started 15, but had to go back to 14 and I seem to need a bit more wind in my sails…
The best I’ve managed is saying a few words like croeso, diolch yn fawr , etc. and have had very kind feedback in those situations, but I really want to get back on track. Help!!!


Hi Mary - this just sounds as though you’ve been hit by 13 and 14 - which is a common experience, because they’re a bit too difficult! The solution is simple - just carry on with 15, and remember you’re not meant to be getting everything right… :slight_smile:

Once you start to see (over the next three or four lessons) that bits from 13 are starting to go in, and gradually seeming less problematic, you should get your mojo back - and just make sure you’re doing a daily 5 minute listening exercise, and start giving yourself weekly 5 minute one-on-one conversation practices (see if you haven’t already) and it’ll all come together for you… :slight_smile:


I haven’t got to greetings yet but level one challenges 13 and 14 were tricky for me. I found myself slowing down a lot and struggling. But just like the other challenges it does seem to be going in. Don’t be disheartened you can do it. I find some parts of the challenges easier than others and do get confused between things still of course but it’s great when I realise I’ve said something right.


Diolch…time to big up and stop wimping!


You and everyone else, because they were, ahem, not written well enough… :blush:

But they are survivable, if you just press on past them and realise that 15 and 16 and onwards are much less horrible… :slight_smile:


Yes :grinning: much better afterwards. A challenge is always a good thing if you can survive it.