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Superb video messages from Anthony, Deborah, Kai, Geraint, Sara to new Welsh learners


I’ve asked a very small handful of some of our most successful learners to do a video overview of their journey, with some words of encouragement for new learners - and here’s the first video, which is an absolutely inspirational piece from Anthony - I think it’s going to touch a lot of hearts… :slight_smile: :heart:

Diolch o galon, Anthony! :dizzy: :star2: :sunny:


Brilliant, da iawn @AnthonyCusack.


Diolch yn fawr cyfaill :blush:


@AnthonyCusack Great job, Anthony! Your enthusiasm and love for the language shines through the whole video, and your welcome to new learners is very encouraging. Da iawn ti! :slight_smile: :star2:


Thank you Anthony, that is so inspiring! What a great advertisement for learning Welsh.


Thank you Louis and thank you @AnnaC :slight_smile: Really appreciate your kind words :blush:


And here’s Deborah message - just, wow:star: :star2:


It’s a shame I can’t like that more than once, absolutely brilliant @Deborah-SSi.


Yes, we need a ‘mega like’ button for these, please! Excellent stuff :clap:


@Deborah-SSi That was wonderful, so heartfelt and inspiring! :star2:


Diolch everyone. I didn’t know what I was going to say, but once I got started … :blush:


Lovely idea, beautifully done! Ardderchog, both!

Edit - OK I got interrupted after 5 mins of Dee and only just got to watch the rest. That comment sounds too tame now, what an inspiration!


Thank you Anthony - what a lovely and inspiring video! And so nice to be able to put a face - no, a proper live person! - to the SSIW Forum name :relaxed: Diolch yn fawr!

Edit: Just watched Dee’s video too - wow, what an inspiration! Like a virtual glass of motivational champagne! :champagne:


Wow! What a great testimony. Diolch yn fawr Dee :heart_eyes:


Brilliant, thank you! :slight_smile:


Absolutely brilliant , so inspiring :clap::star:


I totally agree with you, I started learning Welsh around sixteen years ago after sending my children to welsh medium school. I have been through the text books, mynediad, sylfaen, canolradd up to Uwch year two yet I am no closer to being fluent in the language.

Yr wyf i’n cytuno hefo chi. Dechreuais i ddysgu Cymraeg tua un ar bymtheg mlynedd yn ôl pan anfonais i’m plant drwy ysgolion Cymraeg. Cefais i’n gweithio drwy y llyfrau, mynediad, sylfaen, canolradd ac uwch dau ond nid wyf i ddim yn siarad yr iaith yn rhugl. Yr wyf angen siarad drwy y gyfrwng o’r Cymraeg bob dydd os gallaf fi.

If you spot any mistakes in my welsh translation and there will be many no dout, please could you correct me.

Diolch yn fawr i chwi gyd.


Great inspiration Dee, thanks. We are hoping to get to the meetings in Llandysul at some point. I have been learning for about 6mths and work with Welsh speakers. My husband has just started so he wants to build a bit of confidence first but we both enjoy the language and really want to improve.


And here’s another lovely message - this time from Kai:


Kai, you’re an absolute tonic. In fact, you should bottle your insights into SSiW - Kai’s Motivational Elixir - it opens up new worlds, cures shyness, and (I’ve no doubt) treats verbal indigestion. You made my otherwise dismal day by saying with such confidence, ‘You’ll get there in the end’. Thank you!