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Superb video messages from Anthony, Deborah, Kai, Geraint, Sara to new Welsh learners


Diolch Dee. You are amazing. :+1::grinning:


I love the enthusiasm that is evident from your video. Diolch. Another inspirational SSiW learner passing on their love of the language.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, Anthony. Like you, I have found the SSiW family helpful, fun and supportive, although I am not as far on in my Welsh speaking journey as you are. And when I find myself in the bottom of one of the “troughs” I am going to replay your inspirational video to encourage me. Many thanks and best wishes.


This week It was one of our tasks on the six month course to listen to the video of your Cymraeg journey. As a learner It was a joyous task and great to hear how you discovered the language and are now successfully using Welsh in your everyday life. It must be so comforting to the patients and hopefully encourage others in the NHS to learn Welsh. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
I hope you and Emma have many happy times together enjoying life through the medium of Welsh.


Inspiring and encouraging Anthony - da iawn i chi!


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I’ve just caught up with this post - diolch o waelod galon i chi!!! Your words mean so much to me!! I’m glad I can help in any way possible. I’ve been a bit busy recently and haven’t been on the forum as much as I normally am so this was a lovely surprise :blush:

Good luck with your journeys, you’re all doing an amazing thing to learn this beautiful language!


All these videos are so inspiring and encouraging.
Congratulations to you all and thank you for sharing your stories. Brilliant!


These videos really had me almost crying … With joy. So lovely to hear some of your journeys… Although most of the people in my life tell me it’s strange that I’m learning Welsh, I feel very much like I’m on the right path. It just feels right! And quite exciting, as well! :smiley: I’m grateful for this community. :pray:


What a wonderful response - thank you for being part of this community… :slight_smile: :star2:


I’m blown away to be honest. You know when you start a course and you’re all enthusiastic and within a few weeks that’s dissipated and you’re bored and you’ve moved on to something new? I haven’t had that loss of interest AT ALL, if anything, every week I’m even more encouraged, and watching the videos of all the successful learners, I am so touched by their stories, their dedication to becoming fluent. How can I not do the same?, I’d be letting the side down! Diolch everyone for sharing your stories, it’s helping me immensely on my own journey. Deep breath or I’m gonna blub :slight_smile:


Me too!


You should see me at the end of a Bootcamp… :wink: :joy:


Not sure if this is the right place for this post but I’m on Level 2 and still enthusiastic. I have new work commitments which mean I don’t always get all the tasks done when I would like (or at all at times!) but I find listening to the lessons on my way to work a really good way to focus or listening to Radio Cymru/watching Pobol Y Cwm is starting to make more sense. I had my first ‘sort of proper’ conversation with my hairdresser last week and felt really good afterwards. She was very supportive and helped with a few bits I wasn’t getting quite right. Although, still lacking loads of confidence, I am realising how much I actually DO know. :blush:


That’s a very important step - well done! - and hugely impressive that you jumped in to a conversation with your hairdresser - that’s the beginning of swimming in the deep end, and lots of people put it off for far too long… :slight_smile: :star2:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Anthony. I was particularly inspired by your description of speaking Welsh on hospital wards. I think that’s superb and I can see how comforting and thoughtful it must be to patients.
I appreciate you taking the time to record your story and all of the encouragement. Diolch :grinning:


That feeling when you know you’ve come to the right place… :heart:


And welcome to the forum, Marco or his telyn… :slight_smile: :sunny:


Diolch yn fawr Anthony - for both your enthusiasm and encouragement, and the bit about your work. For that alone, how can anyone not see the value of Welsh, of people being able to feel and connect in their own language; to feel that they’re somewhere where someone cares and accepts and values them? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of wonders of culture and community and belonging!! From the learning side, that joy of knowing you’re learning and making progress and connecting on a whole new level is just amazing - and it doesn’t matter that you’re not perfect or getting it right all of the time - the laughter that comes with those mistakes is just another part of belonging… (something the SSiW community is great for).
Diolch yn fawr iawn :slightly_smiling_face: :dizzy:


Diolch yn fawr @AnthonyCusack. Joies i’r neseg. Dw i’n gweithio i’r NHS hefyd a dw i’n moyn siarad Cymraeg gyda’r cleifion hefyd.


@ann-6, @maria-cronje

Diolch yn fawr i chi ddwy! It’s heartwarming to see messages like yours :blush: daliwch ati!