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Tatjana - progress reports


Knowing yourself is important. Since you know this is a more difficult time of year for you, drop your expectations and just be kind to yourself. Remember, the sun will rise again. I know of a beautiful, inspiring video you can watch to cheer yourself up. A really special person made it for me :slight_smile:


Ie. Diolch. This brought tears to my eyes.

Listening to Adiemus - Cantata Mundi (full version) and reading your post just fits so beautifully together. … You’re really kind to me.


New results

I’d just like to say that those 29 % of 25/2 are very unlikely to be correct as I’ve said the thing, heard Iestyn and Cat speaking and at the time I’ve heard their answer I for some things forgot if I really said them that way (correct way). It just seamed to me I’ve said them right and marked them as such …


Finished 14 days challenge set by @aran, but not completed it.

This is the short summary of everything. I’ve missed to do both Lessons twice and Lesson 25/2 3 times more. I won’t explain why, it has no use.

Well, the more I try to understand and memorize all those possessives and reflexives the more ununderstandable they’re becomming to me so there might be the time to or pause or even stop trying at all. I’m actually tired of figuring out what’s right and what wrong because I didn’t get any single step further regarding this. I’m loosing momentum …

Well, this is approximately all what I have to say about all this.

As you know, results are in post 427.


Tatjana, have you read that book Mindset yet?

It’s always such a shame to see you talking yourself down so much even while you’re in the middle of achieving real progress. For both sessions (the two most difficult sessions in the course) your results over the two weeks show absolutely clear, unambiguous improvement - congratulations.

Yes, the possessives are fiddly - but why focus on, and get upset about, such a small part of the language? It would be very interesting to know what your numbers would look like for Course 2 if you ignored the mistakes with possessives…

No, you didn’t do both sessions every day, but you did enough to get your prize - so when would be a good time for a chat? I’m looking forward to seeing the difference after all the conversations you’ve had with other people by now… :sunny:


To be honest, I didn’t read anything except this forum for about 2 months.

Thank you. I didn’t see it that way at all but more like stepping on the single place …

Hmmm … finding them over and over again everywhere they seam very important part of the language to me.

Sorry, I can’t imagine doing that … there’s the whole course of posessives and reflexives apart from small part at the end (and even that little part contains them I think).

I tried hard but for quite some years my mind appears to be so tired at that festive time. The days I’ve left both lessons out I just didn’t feel in accordance with doing them … I’m sorry. Festive time obviously works differently on me then on majority of other people … :frowning:

Thank you again.

Whenever at the evening at 8 pm my time (7 pm your time) or later if you have time, except tomorrow (Wednesday 06.01.2016) as I have settled sgwrs with @brigitte and I never want to miss it if it isn’t life depending neccessary. :slight_smile: So, suggestion is yours.

Yah, I’m interested in what you’d say about that though. I feel like I’ve gone backwards not forwards … However the time and you will tell.


OK, now I decided to do three things:

  • returning to the Level 2 Challenge 11 (which I didn’t make ever yet)
  • writing down every single possessive I can find in Challenge 2 Lesson 25.
  • having written mentioned above more or less phonetical way I’ll go and write down them properly (with some search for help on here and on the net)

Yah, it might be unneccessary work, but hopefully it’ll help me a bit to understand the whole bit and drill everything into my brains.

(I’ll probably need a few pins to clog the holes in my head. - haha) :slight_smile: )


Tatjana, please, please read Mindset.

You went from a low of 47% to a high of 81% for Course 1, and a low of 8% to a high of 29% for Course 2 - how can you possibly, in ANY terms, see that as staying in the same place?? It’s a huge, HUGE improvement in such a short period of time.

I didn’t say they’re not important, I said they’re a small part of the language - if you don’t use them at all, you’ll still be able to have lots of great conversations. If you make mistakes with them, you’ll still be understood most of the time. Stop focusing on the negative, Tatjana - it only damages you, and your learning process.

How would next Thursday do? :sunny:


Sounds good. So 8 pm my time (7 your time) or is it too early for you?


Yup, that’s fine for me… :sunny:

I mean, I’ll ask Catrin to take care of bed-time…:wink:


When kids usually go to sleep? I just don’t want to interrupt this family event. It can be like a kind of ritual and it if possible should not be interrupted. Oh, at least we had something like that when our son was little. First washing, dressing the pijamas and then some childrens song singing and ended with fairy-tale … Those were magical days. :slight_smile: And I know both parents are needed if only possible so … I really don’t want to interrupt this magic time.


Thanks for your concern, but it’s okay, really - we do have a regular pattern, but it can survive occasional changes (and I’d rather do it a little earlier and miss some of bed-time than later and miss wine-on-the-sofa time…;-)). :sunny:


Well, I’ve just scrolled back and checked PMs we’ve sent to each-other regarding previous conversation and I’ve noticed (see what big hole there is in my head- hehe?) we had previous one at 6 pm your time what means at 7pm my time. As my husband works in the morning nwxt week I’ll be at home slightly earlier then when he works at the afternoons so that time might be OK too. However if you’re determined it to be at 7 your time then I won’t bother anymore and will agree with that. Just that you know that i don’t want to spoil any single mgaical moments with your kids. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Tatjana… :sunny:

6 would be a little better for me, if it works out for you - but it doesn’t matter if it needs to be later… :sunny:


6 pm your time Thursday then. :slight_smile:


Stori bach (dim yn y Gymraeg er …)

So … this is day D No. 2 …

I was sitting on a bus to work. About 6 am on the clock, still half asleap but even in this stage a bit of nervous about what the conversation should be today. I’ve slept over and this for had quite a rush when preparing for work and leaving home. “Oh, the day didn’t start too well, did it?” I’ve said to myself … All of a sudden I’ve got an idea of looking for some words I never used before in hope I’d be able to use them at the time being. Nope, I won’t tell what the words were but they are in relationship with actual sports happenings at the moment … I have written them down, but … yah, I’d have to go and look on them one or two more times before they can at least be somewhere in the rare of my brain not too close to those huge holes in them somewhere. :slight_smile: So, this is what I was doing today at about 6 o’clock in the morning when I usually snooze a bit more while driving to work …

Yesterday I was trying to prepare myself with peering into the dictionary trying to learn some words or at least do something to remember those I’ve long forgotten already but all of a sudden I didn’t have a clue what to look at and what to search for at all. I’ve dismissed everything and rather went to do something else. Taking a look at the newest edition of WCW kids magazine brightened my evening a bit with its colors on the cover page and all cute characters of all kinds. … No, sorry I didn’t read much of it yet. I just found out that my reading of printed media sin’t as easy anymore as it once was so I’ve dismissed reading after only cupple of minutes also.

After quite long and intensive conversation in Cymraeg with @brigitte who unexpectedly jumped in just in time to practice a bit, I went to bed feeling more prepared for what comes next today … Yes, I’m more nervous then I was the first time I’ve talked to @aran but I know I’ll survive somehow. :smiley: And no, I didn’t took a look at how to say “bus stop” and “together” but I’ve searched for Aran’s post in this topic for them just right now. … :slight_smile:

Now to the regular work of the day in expectation of the evening and the 2nd sgwrs gyda Aran … Wishing myself “pob lwc!”. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

To be continued…


This is the only clue you really need about how your Welsh is going - I’m going to point you back at this on a regular basis from now on…:wink:


O, ya … it’s going, it’s going … a bit backwards, a bit forwards … all in all, you’ll see today which way I’ll go. :smiley:

[size=9]Ummm … I forgot already how to say “bus stop” … [/size]


Yes: but when someone says bus stop you will recongnise it (i think that’s part of the system as i found out last week).

Cheers J.P.


O, yea, but “Paid siarad Saesneg!!!” aplies fully when you talk to @aran. It’s like an hour bootcamp so I better be prepared. :smiley:.