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Tatjana - progress reports


I found the list of translators at the end of the book and I believe the book is the selection of authors and their works from various books so I believe the work itself wasn’t published as it is composed together with Slovene version. I believe all translators are the members of Writters Society so if I contact the main editor of the edition it would be just enough to go into further research when I get his answer.


I’m sure I remember Tatjana saying that she couldn’t learn Welsh at some point…:wink:



I’ve just re-done the first vocab lesson after Course 1 - you know, that one with numbers and I found out I can’t multitask on this. Usually when I’m doing a lesson I play Solitaire at tha same time and all learning process seams prety relaxing but not with this one … I struggled with remembering things and I tend to mutate where there’s no need to (too many times I do that) and forget to do so when needed. Also tenses are mixy-wixy of what I tend to remember but almost every time it’s present just as that past simple or past perfect (if we put this into English terms of grammar) are long forgotten things.

So, tomorrow I’ll not multitask just to see if it goes any better. I can remember 2nd vocab is also prety hard with ordinal numbers which - if I remember correctly - mutate words next to the number even more … :slight_smile:

So much about “I can’t learn Cymraeg”. Well I remember I said very often “Allai ddim cofio!” what was (is) the only shortened sentence I’ve properly learnt (how convinient, isn’t it? - hehe).


Now … I’ve made that 2nd vocab lesson and it is about counting feminine things and not ordinal numbers yet however now I’m not sure anymore, are these vocabs really so though or I’m too tired or they just don’t want to stick into my head but regardless the sentences were practically “ordinar” ones (what means except some feminine words nothing new actually) I didn’t say almost anything at all. The sentences just didn’t want to go out of my tongue in time or they were totally wrong despite I’m going through the vocabs for the third time now …

And, once again, this is not moaning or complaining, it’s just observing the happenings. I actually thought this part should be a bit easier to do now after doing all the rest and after going through the vocabs for 3rd time but no, it’s the same as it was first time …

Well, tomorrow lesson 3 which is about ordinal numbers In deed I think.


Observation is always good… :sunny:

But try to disconnect it from having expectations - particularly expectations about exactly when things are going to get easier - you know the process works, but it’s impossible to predict exactly when… :sunny:

Everybody has bad days - days when they’re not thinking as clearly as usual, when they’re a little tired, when even their first language isn’t flowing - so don’t worry about it… :sunny:


Well, thank you @aran.
I actually am not worrying but it seams a bit strange to me though. I didn’t multitask this time but maybe this is the case because it was the whole day behind me with extra not so pleasant happenings and I was prety tired. It might be at one point I actually completely failed to pay attention to what it was said in the lesson because I was just sitting there, trying to listen and then put my answers in the gap … (well you can imagine what I mean with saying that) :slight_smile:

Today is more relaxed day (for now) as I’m at home so will see what it brings when doing next vocab. :slight_smile:


Well, that’s it. It might be I’ve triggered an avalanche because just a half an hour ago I’ve written the e-mail about this Anthology with the question mentioned above to the editor of this book. Now the only thing I can do is wait if there would be any answer to my question. And if it comes into my inbox … then who knows really what happens next. It might be nothing will happen at all, but it might also be I’ve put myself into the really “wild” challenge, the biggest until now. If that occurs, then I’d really need some luck. :slight_smile:


Just a quick update here. I’ve done vocab 5 of Course 1 today and I am slowly finding out that vocabs are really hard lessons to do. Until now I was not comfortable with any of them what (according to @aran’s thinking) might be good as I’m struggling with each and every sentence regardless I’ve done them once before. These are the lessons I’d have to do over and over again for some periode, but not like repeating one lesson until I end up dreaming each and every sentence at night to the point when one wakes me up at the middle of the night and I’d bable them out. :slight_smile: but something like doing all lessons and then re-doing them again in a while. I believe they contain the things I should kbnow well and I find myself leaving those tiny things out like mutations, “yn”, “yw” and what’s more to them which on this level with so much content I went through i should already remember and be able to use not leaving them out…

So these are the days of vocabs obviously and none of them seams easier to me at the moment. :slight_smile:


No it doesn’t! It’s completely the other way round! Short form verbs for simplicity, efficiency and tradition all the way! :smile:
Of course, I do live in the south… :wink:


Yah … tradition … I think I’ll never grasp the shortenings …


If you needed to or wanted to, you would! It’s just a matter of what you are used to or comfortable with. I find using “nes i” for anything except a few verbs a bit odd and uncomfortable (for me), with other people it is the other way round!


Hehe … I know … excuses, but the case is I really actually don’t understand them, especially those with gwneud (gesi, gai … (if that is in the same group at all)).


The vocab lessons are less efficient, because they’ve got more nouns, which don’t work as well with each other to build a range of different phrases - so they inevitably feel more like hard work, so don’t blame yourself, blame me… :sunny:


No, no, no … my memory fails again … but one day it would just have to surrender and remember something … :slight_smile:


Well, and here we are at the beginning with all difficulties I’ve already went through but obviously they weren’t remooved …

Now I’m with forgetting persons … it’s like “Dw”, “ti”, “hi”, “fe” and what’s more to them wouldn’t exist. Almost every sentence is without any subject + prepositions like “yn” is often missing where it definately shouldn’t and is added where it (also) shouldn’t. This happens especially in sentences like “Beth am yn ni fynd” etc …

Oh, boy, at the moment I really feel like I’d only start to learn Cymraeg and not like I’d go through everythng once already.

Does stagnation (often) happen to any of you too? It’s not about “today is good day and yesterday was bad one” thingy but I am noticing constant stagnation to the beginning level rather then being advanced.

And … once again … it’s just pure hard on the ground observation of my learning process …

I can (somehow) talk, and mostly everyone can understand me, but seing how many things I do wrong and how many things I jsut leave out when talking, this isn’t quite what I’d expect to be … At the moment I really have a feeling I’m actually going backwrads rahter then forwards.


You are still not alone with these feelings, the best i can think of is we will continue enjoying the chaos together.

Cheers J.P.


Tatjana, do you feel like this about your English, or only about your Welsh?


Sorry, but about my Welsh …

English is not considdered by me like I’d learn it anymore. My speach sounds awkward and owful at moments, but I feel as comfortable with English as I do with Slovene. But yes, I’m learning/using English (I deliberately didn’t say speaking, because I rearly speak it though) almost my entire life (from 5th grade of primary school when we started to learn it). Oh, yes I know, I do many “inventions” in English too which are not all appropriate (I was allerted to that the hardest way :slight_smile: ) but still.

So, sorry, but we’re talking about Welsh here unfortunately. However, as I said, I’m just observing my process and not beating myself. It’s just strange how I think how good I can speak at one moment only to come to lessons and find out I actually am doing too many things wrong … (or should we say “my way” :slight_smile: )

And yes … those vocabs are useful but extreamly hard for my brains …


Bydda dri mochyn bach rywbeth i dweud amdani nos fory.

Cheers J.P. (excuse my Welsh, it’s nearly as bad as my English).


Bydon ni’n gweld …