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Tatjana - progress reports


Thank you! You have my permition of course! :slight_smile:

Pen-blwydd hapus i ti!!! :slight_smile: :clinking_glasses: :cake:

Thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. I wish you all the best on your own journey. And yes, I’ve read that your “old friend” is with you to help you again. :slight_smile:


Hey - this is great, Tatjana! :star_struck:
Persistence pays off !
Evviva, evviva! :clap:

p.s. 660+ posts is…quite a lot!

p.p.s. Have a great birthday tomorrow, @MarilynHames! :champagne: :clinking_glasses:


Well, I’ve started Level 1 on the Northern side of the things yesterday and so far so good I’d say but now I understand all those people who might be a bit frustrated even at the beginning especially if they aim not to use pause button at all and they’re very beginners and not (as I am) quite confident speakers already.

@aran advises at the very beginning of the course to use the pause button as much as you can and although I wasn’t the advocate of this, now I surely understand why. The space inbetween Aran’s English and Welsh spoken is really minimal and it forces brains (if you don’t want to use pause button of course) to think and react swiftly. Good for me, already done Southern part of the things so that I can think even faster (or don’t think and just blurt out something) but a bit frustrating to the total beginners. For this reason I strongly second Aran’s “appeal” to use pause button. It can save you some (maybe unneccessary) frustrations.

Otherwise the course has interesting differences which (I strongly believe that) will add huge amount of words and variations of what I already know. Let’s see to where I can go further. :slight_smile:


Really? How come I had missed that? :thinking:
I vividly remember struggling a lot in the first challenges cause I (thought I) had read somewhere that the best way was never using pause. Until I decided it was just too much for me and found some sort of compromise… :sweat_smile:


It was nowhere written in deed but if you listen the end of the first and 2nd challenge he talks a lot about using the pause button as much as one can. You could read written by me in the past though that I never use pause button so this might be the issue. I even now, despite @aran advised me to do so in one of my Spanish topics, never use pause button and I do so even with these, new for me, challenges just out of the habit. but the time (the gap in between) is not one’s ally in that matter. However I’ve got used to it so if I don’t have enough time to respond in the gap I’m “chanting” along with @catrinlliarjones the right answer bun never after her. It’s like singing with the choir, you know … So that’s how it is.


Oh, now I understand.
I honestly don’t remember if Iestyn said the same thing in lessons 1 and 2 and haven’t tried Northern yet, so!

I had never thought it this way, but it’s funny and interesting! :smile:


If he does, he surely isn’t that passionate about it and there’s no need either. Southern part of the things leaves you more gap (sometimes even too much) to say everything in time. The Northern (at least Challenge 1 and 2) gives you almost nothing though.

Try it. You might actually sing also if you wish. … Or try to rap the lesson out loud. :slight_smile: