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The '5 Min' Test-SoundCloud 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge**🔴(Awarded Mondays)


I’m rather a technophobe so I hope this is right. Apologies if it’s a load of tripe.



Wondering why I’m still an elegant salmon pink? I wanna be Reeeeed!


Ok, here is my first attempt at the 5 minute practise (which is considerably shorter than 5 minutes). I don’t know which is worse, listening to it myself or posting it on here :thinking:.


Some super simple sentences!


Some great sentences there everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting your red badges to you, but I’ve been a bit busy with Bwtcamp this week. Great to see so many people taking this leap forward in their Welsh while I wasn’t around :star2: :clap:



Dyna ni!


Pob lwc efo dy gân yn yr Eisteddfod Genedlaethol @camilla-3 :musical_note:


Diolch yn fawr, Dee.


Ok here goes - did this a while ago before we had all the other nifty things to say. Very daunting but proud of myself a little.



Listen to First five minute practice. by suzanne reynolds on #SoundCloud

OMG that was awful! :disappointed: Stuttering all over the place. Can only get better. Can’t it???!


Decided that I should really try to make the ‘5 Minutes Test’ last a bit longer! Many apologies for the ‘ums’, ‘ers’ and ‘oops’ - will hopefully serve as a baseline from which only improvement can ensue!


It sounds very confident and assured. Da iawn chi :yellow_heart:



Brilliant job. Well done :grin:


Sounds amazing. Looking forward to having that sort of confidence! :crossed_fingers::grin:


runs in, shares link, runs away quickly

peers back round door

I hate listening to my voice, so here is my very dull, over rehearsed 5 minute test recording

runs away again


strong text


I hope my file is now attached - not very good at this bit!