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The '5 Min' Test-SoundCloud 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge**🔴(Awarded Mondays)


Phewf we all got there. Diolch :slight_smile:


Very clear and efficient, @sabinemans and @LyndseyM! I think I’m yet to say it all in under a minute. Also, doing the North version, I got everything that you said, @sabinemans! And I see I’ll have to do the South version once I finish the North one, @LyndseyM :yum:


He he yes I’ve often thought when I get to end of level three I may just swing back to north Walian :slight_smile:

But thank you and getting there


Im not sure if this is right!? If Im supposed to be saying something else, or I have bits wrong, please do say! And apologies for my nervous giggles whilst recording.

I am thoroughly enjoying this course!


Hope this works…



Da iawn @sade @lisa-vickers a @lizzy-1! When you push yourself to produce sentences like that, your Welsh takes a great leap forward :star2:


Got the motivational email today about making learning tasks sexy! So I tried to record my sentences as a part of a continuing conversation (as opposed to random sentences that I usually produce) about the show I watched recently, Killing Eve. It’s much slower and somewhat messier but it was so much fun! :partying_face:


Da iawn Irina! That was really great :star2:


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Ooh crumbs…


Here’s my 5 minute sound recording, posted a little later than it should have been. I know there’s at least one mistake where I forgot the word ddechrau so there are probably at least a few more.


I wish I’d made a bit more effort with this now…very limited vocab sorry ;).


I posted this before but I think I might have had the track marked private. Now its public so I hope you can listen to it!


Listen to 5 minute challenge by elliefish on #SoundCloud

OK here goes… :joy:


Redone it having found how to change from private to public share on Soundcloud


Prynhawn da! I’m going to be working on distributing pink/red/green/blue badges on the forum from now on. I’ll be trying to check in every day during the working week, to see how everyone is doing and whether I need to award any new badges. Feel free to tag me if you’re waiting for a badge! :slight_smile:


Thanks Catrin,

It is on SoundCloud too.

Diolch yn fawr


Fabulous! :grin:


Well, this is long overdue, but here it is! Sorry for the long pauses, nervous giggles and possible mistakes :flushed:


Llongyfarchiadau! It was a pleasure to listen to and you are now red! :slight_smile: