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The '5 Min' Test-SoundCloud 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge**🔴(Awarded Mondays)


Bore da! A friendly Monday reminder that all your SoundCloud SENTENCE recordings should be posted in here so I can turn your badge from pink to red. Diolch gyfeillion! :slight_smile:


I recorded these in December, but could not remember how to upload on to Sound Cloud.
Ah well, here they are now.


Well done for getting them up here Natalia, it took me a while too. If you are giggling you must be having fun!


Listen to welsh sentences.mp3 by James Searle on #SoundCloud

Hopefully this works!


You are now red James! :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau to everyone going from pink to red this week! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is where or how I post my first sound cloud recording. We are supposed to do one word, but I said a sentence. Hopefully it worked. Diolch.


Haha, that’s true! Diolch yn fawr iawn, Lisa, and well done for getting them here too!


You are now red @kelly-dennison! :slight_smile:


Helo pawb, fingers crossed I get a red one !


I did it.


Llongyfarchiadau @neil-lovage and @pili_pala, you are now red! :slight_smile:


Prynawn da and welcome to a new week!

Congratulations to everyone who’ve recently turned their badges from PINK to RED! If you want to know what that’s all about, then scroll to the first message in this thread. If you’re already RED, then how about tackling the challenge to turn your badge GREEN!

Good luck to everyone tackling new challenges this week!


Bore da! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Just a reminder at the beginning of a new week - to obtain your red badge, post your SoundCloud sentences recording in this thread. Further details in the very first message right up at the top. :smile:


Here we are at the beginning of another new week! Best of luck to everyone getting to grips with Speaking Practice challenges this week - remember, if you are going from pink to red and recording yourself saying sentences, then post your recording in this thread! to gain your new badge! :slight_smile:


Well, here goes. Not 5 minutes worth, but it is the requisite sentences.


Llongyfarchiadau! @catherine-halverson You are now red! :grin:


Uh oh :grimacing: !


Llongyfarchiadau, you are now red @mattcrimp! :slight_smile:


I’m only on Challenge 10 (North) so my sentences are still very basic (I try to make them longer but it makes my head spin at the moment) but in the pursuit of gaining confidence, here they are.

Some sentences said aloud