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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)


Here is my pink to red soundcloud clip. I hope I’ve done it right.


Here’s my recording:


Try again


Stunning effort @philip-davies-1, @ali-reeves, @sue-42 and @louise-nash ! You now have your red badges!

Oh Ali, I feel your pain! I hope the wine helped - here’s your red badge, I think you definitely deserve it. :wink:


Just a reminder to everyone still struggling to record…

For all you who are trying to work your way through Speaking Practise challenges but find yourselves chronically frustrated trying to get SoundCloud to record, I have a temporary solution.

As you may have heard, a solution to this problem is in the SSiW pipeline. There will, sometime in the very near future, an SSiW website based method of recording available.

But in the meantime, if you want to keep on working through your challenges I am willing to award badges based on someone else listening to you speaking your sentences/questions/answers.

If you can get another learner to listen to you via Slack/Zoom/Skype/phone-call/other, then all you have to do is post in the correct Speaking Challenge thread on this forum and tell me you have completed it!

Hope this helps. :smiley:


Any idea when the new recording solution is likely to happen? I’m stuck on ‘pilnk’ because I can’t record. Should I worry or just carry on?!!


Hi @jackie-poley

Well as a start - I wouldn’t ever worry :slight_smile: so there is no problem in carrying on. I have seen a post from someone saying it was very easy to use/ worked very well but I don’t know when everyone will start using it - I will tag @Deborah-SSi maybe for an update?

Rich :slight_smile:


The latest from testing is that it still needs a couple of adjustments, but it’s looking good so far :slight_smile:


It’s not pretty, but here it is.


Ok, here goes (if it works!) :grimacing:


Here is the link to my 10 sentences ( Gobeithio)


Hi Jakie! See my post above yours for the temporary solution which allows you to gain your badge without having to record. :blush:


Thanks for trying Catrin but I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean! Nothing wrong with your instructions I’m sure! I cope with the Welsh but not the technology! But no problem! I’ll carry on regardless of badge colour!


Tried my best.


Hope this works!


Bore da!

Sorry that no badges were awarded yesterday - it was Bank Holiday here in the UK. Your new Speaking Practice badges are on their way today! :smiley:


Absolutely amazing efforts, huge congratulations! You are now RED!



So sorry that you’re continuing to find it difficult Jackie. What I was trying to explain to you was that I am willing to award you your Speaking Practice Challenges badges based on someone else listening to you speaking your sentences/questions/answers, rather than you having to record and upload them.

So if you If you are in touch with any other learners and can get one of them to listen to you via phone-call or other method, then all you have to do is post here to tell me you have completed it! Some learners already do this. :smiley:


I hope I’ve done this right - I’m not very technologically minded. Here is my Welsh sentences recorded a while back now. On listening back I’ve spotted several mistakes but in the whole I’m pleased.


Just realised I said “waith” instead of “weithio” in only the second sentence. Hey ho.