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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)


Thanks Siaron - that was most helpful.


Well done @daryl-2 and @catherine-simmons - excellent sentences! You now have your RED badges! :smiley:




Excellent sentences @paul-rigby and @john-hodgson! You now have your RED badges!!! :smiley:


Well done!



Excellent sentences @rob-pascoe! You now have your RED badge! Llongyfarchiadau! :smiley:



Thank you, John. I know you struggled with the technology. Appreciate the effort, mate. Good job!


Nicely done, @rob-pascoe - very smooth and fluent. Something for me to aspire to. Thank you for sharing!


Nice one, Daryl. Good job! Thank you for your effort and friendly presentation.


Very nicely spoken, Zee. Diolch yn fawr i ti!


Beautiful sentences @zee-thorn! You now have your RED badge! :smiley:


Thanks Simon - compared to mutations the technology is easy!


Thank you, Catrin. I felt a little buzz! Are you the Cat on the challenges?


Thank you, Simon. I felt a real sense of achievement. I am really enjoying the course.


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I really loved how that sounds. Very natural flow of speech.


Thanks gennady-bril, very much appreciated. Im a beginner, well I have been learning around two months. Although it’s difficult at times, im enjoying the challenges.