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The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** 🔴 (Awarded Mondays)





Great recording @norm-jones! Enjoy your red badge! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Right we are then… I have done it! Finally. I seriously hate listening to my own voice :scream:

@CatrinLliarJones please note! Diolch yn fawr iawn :grin:



Fingers crossed this has worked ??🤦🏻


Great recordings everyone! :partying_face::partying_face::red_circle: @ruth-32, @duncan-5, @gareth-thomas-6






Think I have done this correctly.
Strange hearing yourself speaking Welsh with an Aussie accent .


Da iawn i ti Anthony. All ad lib and you smashed it.


Linda - you are amazing - well done.


Super accent, super clear sentences.


Great start. What a journey you’ve been on and look how far you’ve come! Well done


Great work! Hope you enjoyed doing this. Listening to your recording gives me confidence for when it’s my turn.


Thank you so much for your support Carolyn .:hugs:


Ok - here are my attempts at these sentences. Feel a bit nervous posting them here, but I’ve got to put my Welsh out there some time!


In the immortal words of my second favourite language (behind Cymraeg of course) - Iacta alea est. Hope this works, not entirely sure what I’m doing.