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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going PINK** 💮 (Badges Awarded Mondays)


Did it on the second day of week 6 :partying_face: thank you SSiW!


Done. Dim problem.


Done it


I didn’t think I’d get this far as I’ve always thought I’m awful with languages, but I’m pleased to save I’ve done it! :hugs:




Done It!


Done it ! :+1::clap:








Whew done it.


Done it!


Done it. Wasn’t sure if I would. :smiley:



Dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg
Dw i’n mynd i’r tafarn heno
Dw i’n ddim cofio sut siarad Cymraeg
Mae angen siared a darllen cymraeg
Beth ydych chi’n e wneud ar y penwythnos?
Ond dw i eisiau dysgu cymraeg
Oedd i eisiau gwylio teledu
Dw’i newydd ddechrau e ddarllen
Dw’i wedi anghofio 'r geirau
Oedd i’n trio darllen
Bod angen i meddwl mwy
Rhaid i fynd i’r llyfrgell ac ymarfer
Hoffwn siarad Cymraeg gyda rhywun


Done it! Loving the course so far!


Done it. Phew. In three mins. Rubbish sentences though


Done it.


Done it!


So you’ve just come up with a dozen sentences in a new language!

Where does the “rubbish” come into it? It’s a pretty good achievement for anybody. Well done!


All done. Struggled with ‘that I need’ at first but had a lightbulb moment by using ‘Dw in meddwyl’ before it !