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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Done it! Nice way to practice speaking Welsh - never did something like this before. Thanks for the challenge:)


Done it! My main problem at the moment is just finding my way round the Forum. A funny thing happened to me on the way to it!! :smile:


Done :+1:t2:


done it!


Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations everyone! Lots of new pink badgers :+1: :clap:

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Done it!


I did it. Not very ambitious sentences but I did it. Unbelievable as I am hopeless at languages and also 70.


Done it


1 min 32 secs 1st try, but using short sentences and keeping to words taught in the challenges (apart from ‘Cartref’, which was much used !) Most of those posting on here seem to be using a much wider vocabulary - are they on the more intensive course?

As an aside, I’m feeling a bit let down by C1:6 - ok set a test, but couldn’t you include at least a little new material as well? - what am I going to do for the next week?


Done it!


Done. Bit basic, mind… :slight_smile:


Some people have picked up some Welsh from other sources, e.g. learnt some in school or attended a few evening classes, and they include words from there, but others just use what they’ve learnt in the challenges. That’s perfectly fine. The objective is to get you thinking of sentences for yourself with the Welsh that you have, so if that’s what you’ve done, that’s great!

Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by this - Challenge 1? Level 1, Challenge 6? Or are you referring to the old Course 1, lesson 6? What is the test that you mention?

Do you mean when you’re asked to go back and run through Challenge 1 again to see how it feels? If you’re happy with Challenges 1 to 5 and you want to move on this week, just send an email to and asked to be moved ahead a week. There is no problem with that :slight_smile:


Done, 2.47 assuming ‘that I need’ is ‘bod dw i esiau i fi’ ?

And basic because of confidence which makes my mind go blank and then: On i’n trio cofio beth i ddeud…

update: I said it wrong! it’s “bod ma eisiau i fi” oh,well. Ma eisiau i fi ymarfer mwy :slight_smile:


Hey thanks :grinning: I’m pink.


Done! :raised_hands:


Done it!!


I haven’t cared about measuring the time before, but this time I did, and most of the sentences weren’t that short. So I can allow myself now to announce, with good conscience: I passed the test! Yay! :metal: :grin:


Completed the task. Not hugely complex sentences but helping me to get further than I’ve ever been able via previous attempts … I wish I’d found this years ago before Dad passed - would have been great to have attempted a conversation with him yn Gymraeg

I’m not clear on what happens now …


Well done new pink badgers! :clap:

@huw-evans-1 now you get a pink badge added to your avatar :slight_smile: and it sounds like you very much deserve it as well!