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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Done it, I agree can we have more nouns to help us for our sentences. All very well looking them up but how the heck do you pronounce them? (I had great fun fun getting trying to pronounce yn dda iawn the first couple of times! )


Sorry about typos💔


Done it!


Yes! I did it :hugs:.


I’ve got something to say, so how do I say it on the forum? I’ve downloaded sound cloud app, but there only seems to be music on there




Have a look in this thread for advice How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


I did it!! I even made my OH listen to me :smiley: I’m so so proud of myself - he listened for (not quite) 5 mins!!


All done!

#1096 First attempt. I know it’s not 5 minutes, yet. Just trying out soundcloud


I’ve Done It!


Done it at last!


Done it!!!


Dw i’n trio


Da iawn @gary-andrews! I thought that sounded familiar :rofl:


Done it!




Done it.


Done it


done it!