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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Did this ages ago but didn’t realise I needed to post it here!!


Done it! :slight_smile:



done :slight_smile: Is taking me a while to get any confidence up. I am taking longer on lessons cos of it. Hope to be able to soon join in and siarad yn y gymraeg


Done :blush:


Sorted! Dwi’n join y cars a dwi’n amarfer bob Dydd. Diolch!


Done it! Need to keep doing it every day now!


So I’ve completed the challenge! I think I ended a few of the sentences the same but I did it! :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Dw i wedi ei wneud o!!


Done it


Done it. Diolch.


I did it :blush:


I did it :+1::blush:


Done it yay!!:grin:


Done it! @paula-vodden are you Neil’s wife!? I went to ysgol with him!

Edit: I’m Adam Taylor - thought my profile showed it.


Hi Dee
I posted my sentences twice and they appear then disappear after a short time. I am keen to go blue!


Shwmae Adam, yes I am Neil’s wife! Small world! :blush:


Challenge met!


Dwi’n moyn cwrw
Dwi’n mynd i’r dafarn
Alla i ddim yfed sudd oren yn y dafarn
Dwi angen stopio yfed
Beth yw eich hoff seidr?
Ond dwi ddim yn hoffi fodca
O’n i’n moyn noson dawel
Dwi newydd ddechrau yfed Baltika, lager Rwsia
Dwi di anghofio neithiwr
O’n i’n trio stopio mynd i’r dafarn
Bo fi angen yfed llai o gwrw
Rhaid i fi yfed mwy o ddŵr
Hoffwn i fynd i’r ffatri Stella Artois

There’s a theme :beers:


I’ve just started doing this course again after a taking a break for a few months and am very happy to say I’ve done the 5 minute challenge


Done it!