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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Completed the task. Not hugely complex sentences but helping me to get further than I’ve ever been able via previous attempts … I wish I’d found this years ago before Dad passed - would have been great to have attempted a conversation with him yn Gymraeg

I’m not clear on what happens now …


Well done new pink badgers! :clap:

@huw-evans-1 now you get a pink badge added to your avatar :slight_smile: and it sounds like you very much deserve it as well!


Done! :slight_smile:


Done it! That was refreshing - I thought I’d lost a lot more of my Welsh! Rusty…


Great all done :blush:




Done, I’m now catching up with the 6 month course after a challenging personal few months and can’t wait to be able to converse with family and friends in Welsh next time I go back “home” to Gwynnedd.


Done. I tried to say what I wanted to say.:yum:


Done it. Hurrah!


Done :smile:


Hurray, done it


Done it! :grinning:


Done it! :smiley::clinking_glasses::champagne::tada:


Done it!


Congratulations, folks! Nice badges you’ve got there… :slight_smile: :star2:


Done it !


All done! Challenge one felt much easier tho I still made mistakes with softenings :see_no_evil:


Helo pawb, done it… amazing how often pub came up ??? must be a Welsh thing :innocent:


Done it


Done it in 5