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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


A big welcome to all the new pink badgers :cherry_blossom::white_flower::tulip:


Dwi Wedi cwpla


Done it :smiley:


I did it months ago, but haven’t been on the forum. So here I am! Done and done :smiley:


Have you found out how to record. sound? I’m having the same problem. I have also downloaded the app on my apple phone, but they’ve removed the record feature on the latest upgrade, but haven’t said how to record - only listen.




Dw i wedi gwneud e hefyd.


All done , had to write in English and translate into welsh but quite pleased with outcome :blush:


@lizzy-1 you need to use something else to record your voice, then upload it into SoundCloud. It’s actually better to do that in the SoundCloud website in a browser than in the app. If you go to the SoundCloud thread, you can find instructions for doing the recording on an iPhone.
It should be around about here in the thread, and is also available in 3-useful-gems in Slack.


All done and quite surprised at how easily I was able to recall words and use them in constructing different sentences.

I am now trying to say as many different sentences I can using different combinations of the words listed :slightly_smiling_face:


Done it!


done it a while ago … could not work out how to post until now :frowning:
re sound cloud not done as had issues and work at sea alot also a few weeks behind trying to catch up ! getting there … slowly



done it


Done!! Diolch!


Done it :slight_smile:


Done it too! Da iawn pawb!


I’ve done it! Last week, actually, but I forgot to post here. Do I need to supply a recording?


Done it! :raising_hand_woman:


Done it !
I,m so excited !