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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Done it! :slight_smile:




Done it at last! I’ve been a bit lazy over xmas and my weekly Dosbarth Cymraeg wasn’t open for a fortnight either so this place has been a blessing. I’m about to start Challenge 5 too after being stuck on C4 for about 6 weeks!


Bore da! A friendly Monday morning reminder that once you’ve completed the 5 MINUTES TASK (see first post in this thread), you should then post a message in this thread to tell us that you’ve completed the task, so I can award you your pink badge! Diolch gyfeillion! :slight_smile:


Yeah!!! I did it! …And I was able to understand most of what was said in the transcript…just a little fast for me though! …and I was able to read the transcript in Cymraeg without looking at the translation!! Just a few words I needed to look up! WEEEEEE!!! If only I could understand them when my goats and chickens speak Cymraeg back to me!!




Done it!


Llongyfarchiadau you three! X


Noswaith da,

Does anyone have an iPhone XS Max that can help me with recording on SoundCloud please?
I have searched and searched but I have had no joy!

Diolch yn fawr


Listen to the 5 minutes test.m4a by Rachel on #


Done it!


Llongyfarchiadau Rachel and Matt! :slight_smile:


Done it, four attempts!


Well done! You are now Pink!


Done it!


Well done Lynne! :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau to everyone turning pink this week! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:


Oh dear, I think I did it the wrong way. I posted the link to my sentences in the thread for the “one word” recording. Oops… :woozy_face:
Well, here it is again:


No worries and well done! :slight_smile:


All done