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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Did it!!!


Done it :champagne:


Goodness knows how I missed this way back in February, @tonybalony, so sorry! But you are now pink! :slight_smile:


Well done @darian, @emma-47 and @georgina-smith, you are now PINK! :slight_smile:


Helo - I’ve done it - have used all the words to make a short sentence within 5 minutes!


done it


Brilliant @therese.danchin and @chris-gould!!! You are now PINK! :smile:


Done it


Fabulous @carla, you are now PINK! :slight_smile:


diolch yn fawr! Therese


Bore da, speaking test completed. :grin:


ie - dw i’n meddwl bo’ fi wedi gwneud y her yn dda - hoffwn i ofyn seren, os gw. yn dda


Test completed! I did challenge 5 (and the repeat of challenge 1) earlier this week, and have done my exercise every day since! Both saturday and today managed to do within 5 minutes each time! :slight_smile:


5 minute test completed. Really pleased!!


Done it!!!


Wedi wneud - done it! But I need to learn a few more verbs apart from dysgu and siarad.


Well done!


You are now PINK! :slight_smile:


I am so so chuffed - I have done it 3 times today , using as long sentences as I can. I will continue for the rest of the week but I am just so chuffed and proud of myself - don’t know that have felt like this before !.


Dw i wedi ei wneud!


Done it