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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


done it!


Done it too. :slight_smile:






Wow @sue-naylor, @steven-griffiths, @robkevg59, @joseph-jones, @CarolineJ, @osian-gwent, @Victo! Well done to all of you! You did brilliantly and are now all PINK!!! :smile:


Done, a nice end to the week.
Diwedd hyfryd i’r wythnos :grinning:


Llongyfarchiadau mawr! :smile:


Is this the right place to post- I am struggling with the forum!!
I think I can do the sentences in 5 minutes, and was feeling ok about it, but then I listened to the sound clouds and am worried as it seems a lot of people are far more advanced. I only know the words that have been taught in the lessons so far (lesson 6 level 1) but it sounded like people had a lot of extra words!


Done it!
I think most of my sentences involved the words ‘siarad cymraeg’ but done it nonetheless


Done (last thing on a Sunday evening but done nonetheless)!


Done it


What does that mean , now I am pink ?:slight_smile:


Yes this is the right place - well done!

Please don’t worry, just work through the sentences as explained in the first message in this thread, then tell us you’ve done it, which is what you’ve been able to do successfully!

Recording isn’t necessary for this initial Speaking Practice challenge, so you may have come across recordings for further challenges?

Enjoy the process and please try not to worry, over-think it, or compare your progress to others. Enjoy your own success and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Best of luck with the next stage! :slight_smile:


It means that you have earned your pink badge by completing the Speaking Practice challenge as set out in the first message in this thread . :slight_smile:


Well done @natashaknowles, @leith-drapes, @mattcongreve and @gareth-jones-5, you are now PINK! :slight_smile:


Done it :blush: :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Done! I have been practicing speaking whenever I can,so this was pretty quick. I have annoyed my best friends with little clips of welsh audio. They make her giggle.


Mi fedra’ i siarad i gyd mewn 5 munud.


Done it!


Done it :)!