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The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


I’ve done it!


Done it!


Done it :+1::smile:


I’ve done it too
Here’s my sound cloud link :+1::heart:


Done :grin:


5 minute test done. No accolades please, because I’m revising material from having done the 6 month course of two years ago. What I would say is that the repetition has re-awakened knowledge of things previously learnt. It was a surprise on the second try this time to be able to dispense with the pause button! Graham.


Done it!




I have done it


Done it!!! YAY!


Done it, but it’s amazing how much harder it is when you’re aware the clock is ticking!!!


5 minute test done!!


Done for today!


Noswaith dad o Sbaen! I have completed the 5 minute test, but I don’t know if each sentence that I have made is correct. This is my first posting with you. What should I do now. Diolch, Brandon


Done it at last


Done it! Chuffed to bits.


Done it!


Done it!


Done it.
I walk every morning and carry a card with the words and phrases on it and practice sentences to myself as I walk.
It works well, even if sometimes I am wrong !!!


I can’t say they were imaginative sentences but I’ve done it!