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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


You did a grand job there Andy, it came across very clear. Well done!


I think I’m going to reply to this later with a re-do, I know I can do better than these but I was quite ill when I recorded last week!


sorry struggling with the technology. Did I post the sentences?


You not only posted them but it was a clear, confident performance. Da iawn!


That’s very kind of you! I don’t feel confident at all! thank you.


This is one of the most scary things I’ve ever done. Seems easy at home but when recording it all goes to pot! Anyway, thought I’d be brave and upload another hwyntw!!

Listen to Sentences by HelenGJ on #SoundCloud


This is by far the hardest and worst part of the course for me! Recording the sentences was awful but the thought of sharing them is even worse :frowning:


You sounded very fluent. Congratulations Helen


Thanks Kate! Llongyfarchiadau to you too!!


Well done Helen! It is scary I know but you sounded as though you were having fun too! :rofl:


Well, learning Welsh is fun isn’t it, Ann?? ;0)


I am still pink despite having tried to post sentences and a question (somewhere else I think but I’m not sure !). What am I doing wrong - or maybe my speaking isn’t up to standard? Tbh not even sure I am posting this question correctly either


I’m sure as soon as someone with the right permissions has a chance your colour will change. I’ve seen your sound cloud posting.


Thank you !


I hope this is the right place to post these sentences? I thought it would take me ages to record and post but it was quicker than I anticipated! No doubt my pronunciation is all over the place ond o’n i’n trio!


Da iawn @helen-gwyn-jones xx


@kate-murphy-1 Well done you! Ardderchog! Xx


Diolch yn fawr, Claire!! xx


I’m still pink too - but hope we’ll go red soon!


Thank you Claire