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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Not so sure why I tried to say “darllen llyfr” - well, anyway, I did it!


Blimey - that sounded so fluent and proficient. Well played!


Superb work - an excellent recovery, @ant! Stop putting yourself down - this is the real gold, the effort that will give you the results - well DONE! :star: :star2:

And great work, @Cyprain - really coming along strongly there! :star2:


Just listened to my recording again now and apologies for my pace at the time. I hope I am faster now – I have definitely improved my vocabulary anyway!


Here’s my 5 minute recording!




Here is my five minute sentences from last month
Last months 5 mins


Here is my 5 minute sentence practice recording from a while ago:



Well done! :star2:


Hi all…confession time…I’m in the 6MWS and I should have posted this aaaages ago. (I’m trying to get all caught up with all of the tasks). The good news is that I’ve been keeping up with the Challenges, listening to Radio Cymru, watching S4C and chatting at least three times a week with my study buddy (hooray!).

However…I’ve been a bit remiss with the Soundcloud aspect of it all…that changes today. :slight_smile:


Well done! We love seeing people play catch-up successfully! :slight_smile:



Finally worked out how to ‘share’ a soundcloud thing…


Very late posting from weeks ago on 6th month course. (Not sure if I’ve done it right…either sentences or posting!!)
Simplistic and slow trying to think in the moment. Apologies for all of that.


Hi June - almost there! Instead of copying the URL at the top of the page, you need to open the track, and find the ‘Share’ option, and then put that in here - sorry it’s a bit fiddly! :slight_smile:

Well done @TheresaMunford and @susan-jones - Susan, don’t you dare apologise for taking such a brave step, and for speaking well and clearly! :star2:


Bless you, Aran!


You’re doing hugely important stuff here, which is going to make a massive difference to your Welsh - it really matters that you feel proud of yourself about this… :slight_smile: