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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Dyma ni! (Slinks away, embarrassed)



Have had to delete as recording was still operating as “private”


Diolch. I do feel I’m achieving something, honestly! Ymlaen!


It looks like something isn’t quite right there @barbaramitchell unfortunately.

You need to change the setting from ‘private’ to ‘public’ in the website, rather than in an app. You can still do that on your phone or iPad, but you need to go into the SoundCloud website in a browser and login to your account. You’ll be able to change the setting there, then go into ‘Share’, copy the link and paste it here.



Hope this one works. Having quite a challenge as the laptop has no microphone and we are having to transfer information from an old Android phone. Fingers crossed


Brilliant, well DONE! :star: :star2:



Finally worked out how to do this. Sorry about the “What?” at the beginning!


Enjoy a bunch of slow sentences about how I need to practice more, along with some vocal fry. :+1:



@glynsig obviously something didn’t work right for your track to be posted here. Maybe it’s set to private with no right to embed on the web. If I go to your profile there’s nothin gthere so it means it’s set to private. I know there are people who are setting posts on SoundCloud not to be seen in their profile but can be embeded here so you should check your track settings first.

I can see your profile though.


Looking forward to my shiny red badge even though I did make a few slip ups.


Here is my second attempt to get my recording on here…


And here are my second set of practice recordings. It will be interesting to see if I get less stilted and hesitant with time.


I’ve been dreading doing this. Here’s hoping I’ve managed to work out how to. Sorry about the Slack notifications!


A little late I know :see_no_evil: There are so many awkwardly long pauses and mistakes, but I’m swallowing my pride and refusing to go back and do it again!! It’s thinking of something to say to finish the sentence that is hard, not the actual sentence starters!!


Oh, I feel your pain - I can’t tell you how many different recordings I’ve had to cancel in a fury when Slack pings… :wink:

Well DONE. That is a surprisingly difficult thing to do, but hugely, hugely important… :star:


Well done Glynsig. I was very impressed with your sentences.