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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Slightly later than planned due to technical difficulties but here’s my sentences.


Listen to Week 6 sentences by Carol W T #np on #SoundCloud


Helo pawb

Here’s my ‘5 minutes’ recording. Eeek!



You know, it’s weird, I’ve never been able to listen to myself speaking English (torture) but, in Welsh, I was fine. Funny that.


Impressive! I think I’m going to have to set my sights rather higher for my recording!!


Well, here it is …


Well done :slight_smile:


I’m always so impressed when I listen to your sentences. You all sound so natural, with loads of expression - congratulations to you all!


Hi Aran, Please give me the ‘five minuter’ accolade or tell me if I have missed something. Just clearing up loose ends before going into mothballs again! Hope you and teulu have a fab end to the holidays xx


I think I’ve fixed it for you - you probably jumped the pink badge stage… :slight_smile:



It was your recording that made me realise that rather than just have a list of unconnected sentences, which is what I had originally recorded, it was much better to try to build a more natural bit of conversation around the prompts.

So thanks for posting yours.



Ah thanks Gareth. That’s nice to hear. I didn’t really think much about it to be honest (it’s what we had to do when I went on a traditional Welsh course) but I’m glad you found it useful.




Sorry to be dim but…
I have recorded my 5 minute test on Soundcloud but can’t work out how to post it here. :thinking:
I probably need some more wine :joy::champagne::wine_glass:


There should be a little ‘share’ button somewhere towards the bottom of the track… if you can tell me what you can see, we can try and figure out where it’s hiding… :slight_smile:


Hi Aran, yes you are right, the share button is there but it produces the options to share with facebook, twitter, e-mail etc. In fact 24 options but none of them are SSIW. :thinking:


Listen to Sounds from Thursday afternoon by Ann Moore #np on #SoundCloud


Done it! I copied it to clipboard first then pasted it here.
Thanks for helping me think about it! I think I just switched my brain off after all this Cymraeg!! :joy:


Listen to Allison Hulmes First sentence practice. by Allison #np on #SoundCloud


Brilliant! What a great start. Well done :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Aran, I’m struggling with SoundCloud at the moment. I recorded my sentences, I made them public but couldn’t upload them. I’ve tried it so many times I had followers :blush:, I’ve deleted the sentences for now but will try again in a few days. Hopefully will have better luck :slight_smile: