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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Here they are, my first public sentences in Welsh:

That didn’t hurt…


Okay here’s the link. i dared to listen back to it and kind of wished I hadn’t because I didn’t quite understand what I’d said in at least a couple of instances!



What I’ve learned from this so far is I don’t like Soundcloud and Sound cloud does not like me! So hopefully this works.


I love the way you may start hesitantly, but all of a sudden you’re away and all the phrases you know and are using to say your piece come tumbling out with beautiful fluency and joy, like mountain stream suddenly in spate after rainfall on the hilltops! Diolch yn fawr i ti! Such a privilege to hear you, so inspiring…


That’s great @shanebrennan and you have now beaten SoundCloud into submission :sunglasses:


I’m really extra disappointed at the thought that you may be there again but I’ll not to be going to Wyvale this month… You speak with, to my ears, wonderful calm consistency, and I confess I’d be sure you were born into a Welsh-speaking community - it all seems so natural to you.

I’ve been shirking further sound recording and specifically uploading it all to this forum, but as I listen to all these voices I am finally feeling (emotionally) prepared to join in. Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti, TrevorJones2.


I did a strange dance at level one: Challenges Gog 1-18, De 1-25 and then Gog 17-25. I’ve now almost finished Level 2 all in Gog, and it was just lovely to hear this track, because it makes me feel warmly invited back to the south again… Such power you hold over the lives of people you’ve never met. I sometimes imagine that a bit of Doctor Who time and space travel in real life would bring our ancestors some difficulty believing what we are spending our time doing here, but I think they’d instinctively be moved to hear the voice of 21st century adults taking such loving care!



I’m sure we will meet again at Wyevale in the not too distant future, hopefully.


I’m not sure where the right place to ask this is, but although I’ve manged to record on SoundCloud, in between each of my recordings I’ve got random hiphop songs playing and I can’t find out how to delete them., Does anyone know how I can remove them please?


That might just be a random list of some kind - can you give me a link to your profile? :slight_smile:


wow thanks that’s really cool. I’m struggling a bit with replying to comments and navigating my way round the threads and stuff, picked up your response on phone but only just got round to finding it on my computer cos I’m not logged in on my phone and forgot my password and stuff. I think I’m slightly techno phobic. Or summat. do I sound really southern?


Here’s the link you asked for :

Although the tracks are still there, since I messed around with SoundCloud this morning to make the recordings public, the tracks seem to have moved themselves to the end of my recordings,rather than in the middle, so they are not so annoying.



Ahh, I thought maybe so - I’m seeing only your stuff there, so I suspect the random hiphop stuff is SoundCloud advertising to you, rather than what other people will see on your account… :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for doing that.


Certainly getting there. Inspires me to practice a little harder myself.


Da iawn ti! Increasing fluency throughout.


Diolch yn fawr.


Hi Aran I couldn’t work out how to create a new post so I’ve replied to yours. Here is my recorded sentences on Soundcloud.


Which works perfectly :slight_smile: :star2: