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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


My 5 minute sentence practice :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve tried to record my group of sentences four times. Each time I get to ‘upload’, click on it, but when it reaches 100% it goes bck to record. I don’t seem to be offered a ‘save’ button and I can’t find my four recordings anywhere. I’m using my phone as it seemed to be the easist option on previous attempts, but it won’t work on that or the laptop now.

The really annoying thing is that I have eventually managed the previous recordings, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong now. Can anyone suggest anything please?

Thanks, Liz


Hi @bizzielizzie. What kind of phone are you using? Are you recording using a voice recorder app of some sort, then uploading to SoundCloud? That seems to be the way to go in general, but every device seems to be a little different.


I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy and I’m using the Soundcloud app I downloaded. Its worked previously, which is strange. I’ll keep giving it a go and at least , in the mean time, I’m practicing saying my sentences each time I try.:grin:


There should be a generic Voice Recorder app in your Samsung Galaxy, that will let you record and keep the file. Then there should be a way to find it and upload it to Soundcloud. Note there are a couple of should’s in there, but maybe that will help you find a solution. If you’re still having issues, I’ll have a go with my old Samsung Galaxy S3 and see if I can figure it out - I like a technical challenge :smile:


Thanks I was wondering if there was a way I could record it first. I’ll give your suggestion a go.



Great work, well done!


That was horribly painful! But now done!


Struggling with tech again hope this works


Well done - you beat the tech, AND your accent is coming along excellently… :star: :star2:


That was really good, I understood it and it was helpful that it had a theme and flowed as a story. Diolch.


I don’t have a recording yet because I could not make SoundCloud work. But I am doing the exercise with recording software on my iPad and I find it useful to listen back.

Either way I wouldn’t be uploading it, but :raised_hands: to you guys for having the bottle.


can someone let me know if this worked??? diolch yn fair


It’s worked fine Richard and well done.


Well done @richard-thomas-1! Very clear and well spoken. :star2:




Only on Week 22 (6 minuter) but thought I would post here as it seems to make more sense to post my solitary sentence here than stay hidden in the cwmwl…


Good work, sir! :star2: