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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Diolch, Aran.

Just realised I should have recorded all my sentences for Week 22, so I may as well put them up too - here goes! Mwynhewch! (not sure whether that is supposed to be a command given that I can’t force you to enjoy it but there we are!).


Phew, flying along there - superb work!


Bore da pawb! Im on week 9 course 1 and here’s my attempt at speaking welsh.


That’s coming along nicely @david-proctor! :slight_smile:


Dyna ti mynd…


Da iawn @jennifer-1! A really natural accent you have there. Your Welsh sounds great!


Diolch. The accent comes from being a valleys child born and bred - just wish the welsh came as easy! But I am getting there x x


Well done! I’m not the best person to comment but I am rather pleased that I understood everything you said!
Da iawn ti :hugs:


Diolch Ann I’m so pleased you understood it.


Here goes this is the most recent attempt at the first set of sentences we were practicing:


Da iawn @jonathan-stockley! You sound so natural :star2:


That’s very kind of you Dee, diolch yn fawr iawn


Diolch Margaret - they sound great : )


Sounding great! : )


This was my recording from the end of December. I hope I’ve improved a little bit since then but time will tell!! (I hope I’ve done the posting correctly too - I’m a real novice when it comes to forums :upside_down_face: )


You seem to be getting the hang of it all excellently… :star: :star2:


Nor do 8 tracks…


Listen to Practice sentences by Katie Brookes on #SoundCloud

I hope I’ve done this right…


Absolutely :star: :star2: