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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Hi Aran
Mae’n ddrwg gen i ond…Technology is my only downfall here… I have managed to record now on AudioCopy which allowed me to load it up to SoundCloud. But I have no idea if you can see it/hear it/ of off its in the right place. I’ll try and get some more help.


Well done, sounds great!


Can you link to your SoundCloud account here? :slight_smile:


I have NO idea but I’ll try


I thought I was watching someone have a chat in Pobol y Cwm - da iawn, mât!


I’m just starting week 3 so it’s probably a bit soon to do this red badge thing, however I downloaded the Sound Cloud app in readiness.

Do I need “Sound Cloud Pro” to be able to upload?

I can’t find any upload option in the basic app (iphone); it seems to be about listening to albums and stations etc. The support section sheds no light either!

Clearly lots of people have made it work; please cast your pearls of wisdom before this swine!


Might be a good idea to ask in the Slack group - there were some excellent walkthoughs posted in there at one point, someone might be able to dig them out… :slight_smile:



Doing excellently there, Maria… :star2:


My attempt at some basic sentences as my first foray into Cymraeg on SoundCloud


Sounding good @brian-cope!



Dw i’n teimlo yn ddewr. (I am feeling brave). Here it goes.



Superb work, you two! :star: :star2:



Well done Celia! :slightly_smiling_face:


Aaagh! DO hope this has worked - huge fight with the technology - plus WHY is it so much harder to talk to a recorder than just say sentences to yourself?? I know I can make more sense, but can’t face trying to get something recorded again… and you do say don’t worry about perfection…
I’m with those who miss cassette recorders!!


And thank you @JohnYoung for your helpful post - I might have given up completely without it!!


Very kind of you Ann. I’m not sure how I could have helped, unless it was that rambling post that I made some time ago relating to the steps that I took getting a recording on there. :smiley: