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The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings


Listen to 5 minutes practice by elmothebrave #np on #SoundCloud

Was a nightmare to get this app to work so hopefully this actually does now!


Some real effort going into those sentences! Fantastic stuff!



@Oddsandgirl A very clear and competent performance!






Here goes nothing! Hopefully, I have improved since this staccato fiasco.


Really good sentences @jennifer-3
Well done!


Well done @james-hammacott Nice and clear. I understood every word.




Da iawn @jennifer-3 and @james-hammacott! A lot of effort there which will really benefit you as you move forward.


Da iawn ellen-davies!


Wow! da iawn!


Diolch yn fawr :blush:


As per the instructions from week 9 of the 6 month course… here they are.


Not 5 minutes but 1 sentence that I’m proud of this week.


Da iawn .


Da iawn, very clear.


Today’s “homework”, Week 9.

My apologies to your ears n advance!

I listened to quite a bit of BBC Cymru at 1300hrs today; it was a phone-in and seemed to involve a lot of discussion about “Maths , English and other other subjects.

Tantalisingly, I could understand quite a few words but very few actual sentences! The station is now on a preset on the radio…


No apologies were necessary @GowerRanger, that sounded very clear and distinct. Da iawn!